WATCH: Comedian Dana Carvey roasts Biden on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Comedy legend Dana Carvey made several fiery jokes at President Joe Biden’s expense in his monologue while guest-hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live!

During the roast, the 67-year-old former Saturday Night Live star drew laughter and applause from the live audience while filling in for fellow comedian Jimmy Kimmel on his late-night show on Monday. In addition to joking about Biden, Carvey also performed an impersonation of former President George HW Bush, as well as resurrected some of his famous SNL characters, including “Garth” from the Wayne’s World sketch and the “Church Lady.”

In the bit on the current president, Carvey first mocked the “fist bump heard round the world” about Biden’s greeting of the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud when he traveled to the country to negotiate higher oil exports last Friday.

“A lot of people are mad with President Biden because of the way he greeted the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia,” the comedian said to the crowd. “You know Biden called him a ‘Pariah’ and as recently as last month said he wouldn’t even meet with him. But this weekend, there they were bro-ing it out.”

Biden made the “pariah” comment during his presidential campaign back in 2019, after the CIA concluded that the crown prince had approved of the assassination of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Carvey then joked about Biden speaking to the crown prince, “‘How’s it hanging? Oh, how’s it hanging under that robe?'”

“Joe got a lot of flak for [the fistbumb], but I think we’re looking at this the wrong way because if you slow it down and watch it again I think Biden was trying to punch MBS,” the comedy star said. “Look. He’s going in for the jab. ‘Yeah, how bout a knuckle sandwich. C’mon! Kadink!'”

Later on in the show, Carvey asked the crowd if they had noticed that “Biden’s got a little feistier lately.”

“Cause when he first came out, he was like a soothing grandpa offering you butterscotch from his coin purse,” Carvey said. “And then, so on edge we were because we wanted this grandpa president because we had four years of Shouty McFat Pants”

“But Biden came out as a sleepy sweet grandpa,” he added. “And he’s always repeating the story, ‘Yeah went to Scranton. Grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania. My dad. My dad lost his job. No joke. I’m not kidding around here.'”

The audience laughed through the monologue as Carvey kept mocking Biden while doing an impression of his voice before he added, “No human being in the world thinks that’s a joke. Nobody.”

“And then he would do the number thing,” the comedian continued, falling back into his Biden impersonation. “‘Number one, the one part. Number two is what the guy said. Number three, you know the drill.’ No, we don’t.”
‘Now what he does is he kind of whispers and then yells,” Wayne’s World star added. “I think it’s a wonderful move. When he’s like, ‘We know how to get natural gas’ [whispering]. ‘Cause we can get it [shouting].'”

The comedy icon went on, mocking the president’s incoherent ramblings that make no sense by randomly shouting “Pirates of the Caribbean!” as the audience continued to cheer for the entire bit.

The monologue received glowing reviews on Twitter, with former Trump administration official Sebastian Gorka posing the question, “Why aren’t all late night hosts doing this?”

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