WATCH: Australian TV calls Trudeau, Dutch PM ‘pin-up boys’ for WEF amid populist protests

As anti-government protests continue in Holland, Sky News Australia’s Rowan Dean pointed out the similarities between what’s happening there, and the events that took place across the pond in Canada earlier this year.

Dean compared the measures taken by Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte with those of Justin Trudeau, which he referred to as “terrifyingly authoritarian.”

“Somewhere else that seems to be sliding into dictatorship is Holland, “Dean began, “which may not entirely be a coincidence. The similarities between Canada and Holland are as startling as they are disturbing.”

Dean showed an image of Trudeau and Rutte, who leads the “ironically named” People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy.

“Apart from obviously sharing the same wacky lefty sense of humour,” Dean said, “those two both are of course golden pin-up boys for Klaus Schwab and the globalist fantasists of the World Economic Forum.”

He went on to highlight Trudeau’s handling of the Freedom Convoy earlier this year, decrying his use of questionable tactics against what was “legitimate, peaceful, democratic opposition to Covid mandates.”

“Only a few months ago,” Dean said, “it was the Canadian government that attacked its own citizens in the most grotesque and terrifyingly authoritarian manner.”

His comments come as protests escalate in Holland over Rutte’s government’s newly proposed emission cuts that would devastate the livestock industry.

Farmers have attempted to get their message across by shutting down major city centers, as well as airports and product distribution centers across the country.

On Tuesday, officers fired shots at farmers and their tractors as they moved toward police.

Rutte’s government cited a desire to curb emissions as their motive for the proposed legislation, which would impact farmers in such a way that not all of them would be able to continue.

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