Uvalde school had 50 security alerts in 4 months prior to shooting

Shocking details emerged on Sunday following the release of the investigation into the Robb Elementary School Massacre, which revealed that law enforcement officers were hesitant to immediately respond as security breaches were common in the school district over migrant “bailouts.”

The report conducted by Texas House of Representatives revealed that officers visited Robb Elementary School frequently over migrant bailouts as the campus is situated within close proximity to the intersection of Highway 83 and Highway 90.

The investigation states that “to avoid being stopped by law enforcement, vehicles loaded with undocumented immigrants traveling along highways leading from the border towns of Del Rio and Eagle Pass lead officers on high-speed chases that often end by crashing the vehicle and allowing the occupants to scatter.”

Just one day before the Uvalde massacre, when a lone gunman shot and killed 19 children and two teachers, law enforcement officers reportedly responded to a bailout outside of the kindergarten campus.

The report details that authorities responded to around 50 bailouts between February and May of 2022, which reportedly diminished law enforcements sense of vigilance when responding to security alerts. Since late February of 2022, there have been 47 lockdowns within the school district with 90 percent of them attributing to “bailouts.”

“Another factor contributing to relaxed vigilance on campus was the frequency of security alerts and campus lockdowns resulting from a recent rise of “bailouts”—the term used in border communities for the increasingly frequent occurrence of human traffickers trying to outrun the police, usually ending with the smuggler crashing the vehicle and the passengers fleeing in all directions. The frequency of these “bailout”-related alarms—around 50 of them between February and May of 2022—contributed to a diminished sense of vigilance about responding to security alerts, ” the report states.

Uvalde CISD parents became so concerned about the number of bailouts occurring near the elementary-school campuses that they offered to hire off-duty police to supplement the Uvalde CISD police presence, according to the report.

The investigation also revealed that while there have been no incidents of bailout-related violence on Uvalde CISD school grounds, “there have been examples of high-speed driving that sometimes crossed school parking lots and reports of some bailout incidents involving firearms in the surrounding neighborhoods.”

Uvalde, Texas is in close proximity to Eagle Pass and Del Rio, where illegal immigrants are currently flooding through the US/Southern border in record-breaking numbers.

The investigation also revealed that nearly 400 officers were on the scene at Robb Elementary School when the gunman massacred children and teachers for 73 minutes. Of those officers, there were 149 US border patrol agents, 91 state police, 25 Uvalde police, 16 members of the Uvalde sheriff’s office, and 5 members of the school district, in addition to members of law enforcement from surrounding communities.

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