Uvalde police chief captured on body cam trying to negotiate with gunman during massacre

Robb Elementary police chief Peter Arredondo begged shooter Salvador Ramos to stop the massacre that was ongoing in the classroom, new body camera footage reveals. Nearly 400 officers were on the scene.

Arrendondo was recorded from the outside of the classroom, where he repeatedly attempted to communicate with Ramos, reports Daily Mail. It is believed that the door to the classroom was not locked.

The police chief attempted to negotiate with the shooter, attempting to talk him out of continuing the onslaught. Arrendondo is heard telling Ramos that “this could be peaceful” and to “please put your firearm down.”

More shots are heard ringing out in the classroom. Arredondo can be heard after the gunshots asking, “can you hear me sir?” and saying “if you can hear me, please put your firearm down, sir. We don’t want anybody else hurt.”

The new video shows that Arredondo attempted to speak with the shooter from the school hallway, unaware that Ramos had barricaded himself in the classroom with students.

“Let me know if there’s any kids in there or anything,” Arredondo said. “Can you tell me your name? Anything that can help, please?” Ramos did not respond.

A 9-1-1 dispatcher would then notify police that students inside the classroom had called in and confirmed that students and teachers were trapped in the classroom. Arredondo is later seen attempting to open the classroom door with a set of keys, but the keys fail to work.

Arredondo then gives the keys to another officer, who makes entry into the adjacent room. More officers arrive on scene, but no immediate action appears to be taken.

After even more gunfire is heard, Arredondo again asks: “Can you hear me?.. If you can hear me, please put your firearm down. We don’t want anybody else hurt.”

An officer nearby is heard saying “We’re trying to get him out.”

Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin released body camera footage after 82 minutes of video were released by the Austin American Statesman and KVUE.

The shooting would continue for 30 minutes before police entered the classroom and killed Ramos. In all, law enforcement allowed 73 minutes to elapse between when the gunman entered the school and when he was shot by officers. He killed 19 children and 2 teachers.

Arredondo has been placed on administrative leave since last month. Arredondo has been under extreme scrutiny after being named responsible for the botched police response, with officials confirming that action could have been taken within minutes.

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