TSA announces ‘additional gender marker’ option for PreCheck applications

On Thursday, the Transportation Security Administration announced that they would be implementing an additional gender option for applicants to the TSA PreCheck program.

Since April, applicants have been able to select their gender based on “self-attestation,” regardless of their biological sex.

“The TSA PreCheck program application has been updated to include an additional gender marker option to better serve non-binary and gender non-conforming Americans,” the agency wrote in a statement.

“This new TSA PreCheck enrollment feature reaffirms our commitment to equality and inclusion for all people, including the LGBTQI+ community.”

The agency went on to suggest that the alternate gender marker “will not impact the security screening process,” pointing out that screening is “conducted without discrimination against travelers based on their race, color, sex, gender, gender identity, national origin, religion or disability.”

In March, the TSA announced “gender neutral” screening measures, arguing that “by replacing the current, gender-based AIT system, this new, more accurate technology will also advance civil rights and improve the customer experience of travelers who previously have been required to undergo additional screening due to alarms in sensitive areas.”

According to TSA FAQ, PreCheck applicants who wish to select a gender that differs from their biological sex do not have to wait until their choice is reflected in their identification documents, nor on their flight reservation.

In October 2021, the US State Department issued the first American passport with an “X” gender marker.

Since then, the department has worked to make the option available to all.

At the time, The US State Department’s Ned Price said that the decision was made to further the Biden administration’s “commitment to promoting the freedom, dignity, and equality of all people – including LGBTQI+ persons.”

“The Department also continues to work closely with other U.S. government agencies to ensure as smooth a travel experience as possible for all passport holders, regardless of their gender identity,” he added.

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