Trudeau says Tory leadership candidates’ climate change stances ‘boggles’ his mind

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau couldn’t resist an opportunity to attack federal Conservative leadership candidates over alleged inaction on climate policy, while promising millions of taxpayer dollars to clean energy investment.

The unpopular PM said it “boggles” his mind that Conservatives are arguing about whether to “move forward on the fight against climate change” during the ongoing leadership race.

“There are very few people in this country who still think that you can have a plan for the economy without having a plan for the environment, and most of those people seem to be running for the Conservative leadership,” Trudeau said.

He made the comments Thursday during a press conference in Enfield, Nova Scotia while announcing a $255-million clean energy investment.

In April, the National Post reported Trudeau flew 127,147 kilometres aboard government aircraft over the past 10 months, equivalent to about three trips around the Earth .

He’s also spent the last few weeks jetting across the country for photo ops and funding announcements. Air travel has some of the highest emissions.

He’s been heckled at almost all these stops. In June, angry Canadian protesters told Trudeau he’s “nothing but a communist pig” and that he should free political prisoners during his recent visit to Sudbury.

He was also told to “go back to China” and was called “disgusting” for his treatment of Canada’s political prisoners, a direct reference to the Freedom Convoy’s Tamara Lich who was recently re-arrested for allegedly violating her bail conditions.

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