Trudeau flew 26,000 km in July alone

Being prime minister of the second largest country on Earth often entails hopping on long flights from coast to coast to coast. With such vast distances between Canada’s major cities, the miles quickly add up.

Analysis of flight data shows that Justin Trudeau spent the majority of days in July aboard CANFORCE ONE, covering just over 26,000 kilometres.

According to Bryan Passifiume writing for The Province, Trudeau spent all but eleven days last month flying, with all his trips taking place within Canada. The distance covered was more than all his travels combined in summer of 2021, which included two intercontinental journeys.

The prime minister’s flights ranged in duration from a 14-minute “hop” between Summerside, PEI and the province’s capital, Charlottetown to multiple cross-country voyages.

As Passifiume reports, the period between July 8 and 12 was Trudeau’s busiest. In that time, he went from Nova Scotia, to Ontario, to Calgary, then back to Montreal, and eventually ended up in Sherbrooke, QC. In the case of Alberta, the prime minister only stayed for six hours to flip pancakes at the Stampede breakfast.

Another string of flights took Trudeau from Ottawa across the country to British Columbia, then back over to the Maritimes before returning to the capital.

According to the prime minister’s official itinerary, the majority of stops entailed photo-ops, site tours, or meetings with locals. The most high-profile event in July was the Pope’s six-day visit, during which Trudeau joined His Holiness to discuss the church’s role in Canada’s horrific Residential School system.

On Monday, Trudeau started August off with a flight down south for a two-week family vacation in Costa Rica.

While they are required to use a taxpayer-funded Royal Canadian Air Force plane for security reasons, the Trudeaus have claimed that they will foot the bill for their accommodation in the Central American nation.

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