The Ultimate List Of In-Demand Jobs In The UK

in-demand jobs in the uk

The pandemic undoubtedly caused a major shift in the professional sectors, resulting in a chain reaction. Reforms in one sector have inevitably affected the employability of graduates, the labor and skills market and other sectors. The UK is known for its adaptability and flexibility in a fast-paced environment. Similar to the impact of Brexit in the UK and other nations, the impact of digitization, along with the pandemic, has led to a new list of jobs in demand in the UK, which we will explore below.

High demand jobs in the UK

If you are lucky enough to have know-how that is of major interest to you, you can expect more pay and the option to choose from a group of competitive job offers. There are many jobs in demand in the UK, which is great news for students and recent graduates. The economy is facing a shortage of talent and manpower across the spectrum as a result of the coronavirus epidemic and Brexit-related developments.

jobs in demand in the United Kingdom

# 1 Developers and software developers

The UK, like many other countries around the world, interacts directly with a digital skills gap. This means that anyone with IT or software development skills is lucky because these are one of the top jobs in demand in the UK. It is a lucrative alternative, with an initial fee of around .000 26,000. Working on your software development skills (especially coding) is a great strategy if you want a potential job in technology.

Degree required: Software Design, Computer Science and / or Informatics

# 2 Cyber ​​Security Specialists

Cyber ​​security is also one of the most sought after jobs in the UK and is associated with a digital skills shortage. As for developers, salaries start at around .000 25,000. It is an important aspect of helping businesses and government agencies maintain the security of people’s information. You could develop cyber defenses overnight and create encrypted messages the next day, so being able to think according to the needs of the time is what you need.

Degree required: Information Systems, Cybersecurity or Government.

# 3 Health Services & Home Care

The National Health Service of the United Kingdom (NHS) has a high percentage of opportunities for a variety of health and care positions, estimated at around 100,000. This is especially true for managerial and full-time nursing positions. So, if you are thinking of retraining and prefer to make a difference in people’s lives, this can be a great profession for you.

Employment in healthcare (including nursing) starts at around .000 30,000, while jobs in healthcare start at .000 21,000. It’s not an easy career path, but it is extremely rewarding.

Degree required: Health, Nursing, Public Health

# 4 Architects

It may come as a surprise, but architectural jobs are one of the most sought after jobs in the UK. It is a career that requires a unique set of talents, including math and engineering, as well as creativity, communication and collaboration. As a result, the learning and training process itself takes at least seven years.

Salaries start at around .000 28,000, so if you are preparing for your studies and looking at the big picture, architecture is a good choice.

Degree required: Architecture & Design, Architectural Sociology

# 5 Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are in greater demand than ever in our time with a strong image orientation. Whether it’s logos, digital banners, websites, packaging or classic prints – design skills are vital. The initial pay is slightly lower than the other jobs on this list, at 18. 18,800, but it can start to increase with experience and specialization, especially since it is one of the most sought after jobs in the UK.

Degree required: Graphic Design, Creative Arts, Computer Graphics

jobs in demand in the United Kingdom

# 6 Natural Scientists

There is currently a shortage of well-trained scientists in the oil, gas and mining industries. As a result, science careers are one of the most demanding jobs in the UK, which is one of the benefits of STEM training. The starting salary is also quite significant, around .000 29,000. These industries are making significant progress in terms of sustainability, with the potential to reduce their environmental impact.

Degree required: Geophysics, Geology, Geochemistry

# 7 Sales Assistant

Sales assistants help consumers find the goods / services they need, show how products work, accept money, store shelves, and resolve customer concerns and grievances. As one of the highest paid jobs in the UK, when it comes to becoming a sales assistant, experience and expertise are more vital than credentials. A cheerful demeanor, strong verbal communication skills and a genuine desire to serve others can help you gain a position as a sales assistant.

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