Teacher says entire classroom of second graders changed pronouns

A teacher recently expressed her anger towards parents she called “unsafe” after claiming that her entire classroom of students changed their pronouns.

In a video posted to Twitter by Libs of TikTok, a teacher addressed the incident, saying that the classroom announced their changed pronouns after one student came forward and spoke to her.

“One of my students felt safe enough to share his pronouns with me,” she said. “And when he did so, once the class knew that I knew, they all switched pronouns.”

The teacher explained that she has a class of second graders.

“Like, I’m torn between being really, really happy to be a safe space, and just absolutely furious that an entire group of second graders has to keep this secret from not safe people,” the teacher said.

“Why are kids feeling unsafe? And furthermore, why does everyone talk about ‘how are the kids going to understand?’ Kids f*cking understand it. It’s easy for them,” she said. “It’s the adults who have all of the frigging and hang ups and bullsh*t. Kids are fine.”

The video comes as many schools across the country have, whether personally in the classroom or through plans implemented by schools, have hidden student’s change of pronouns, gender, or sexuality from parents.

In one Texas school district, a school counselor was revealed saying that staff were advised not to inform parents of their preferred pronouns or names if the child requests it not to be shared.

“We actually were advised not to tell parents about their child’s preferred names and pronouns if the child asked us not to,” she said.

In Virginia, the Loudon County School Board approved a policy last year that required teachers and staff use a student’s preferred pronouns and names.

In places where rules like this are implemented, teachers that don’t comply have been fired and reprimanded.

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