Taxpayer-funded ABC extols virtues of masturbation for queer youth

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) posted a hyper sexualized video about masturbation Wednesday featuring a doctor brandishing a variety of vibrators on their ABCQueer Instagram, a channel targeted at young people.

The Daily Mail describes the ABCQueer channel as directed at a “queer youth audience” and features the titled, “Masturbation with Dr. Naomi Koh Belic.” The masturbation post has the doctor telling Instagram viewers a plethora of self-gratification details ranging from “Masturbating is good for you” to “Masturbating can even prevent cervical and urinary tract infections for folks with vaginas.”

ABCQueer’s “Content Lead” Mon Schafter has described the Instagram channel “as an opportunity to help increase the visibility of all sorts of queer folks so that young people, no matter who they are, would never feel alone.”

The taxpayer-funded Australian Broadcasting Company also posted the masturbation video to their more popular “ABCHealth” Instagram channel on June 8.

ABC’s masturbation video is another entry in an ever increasing phenomenon of adults aiming conversations of masturbation and sexualization to younger and younger audiences.

In May, Canadian kindergartners were given a homework assignment that instructed them to “touch their own private body parts.” In March news broke of an Appalachian “Sexy Summer Camp” that featured a class instructing children to “make the most out of their masturbation experience.” And first graders at NYC’s prestigious Dalton School were forced to watch a video on masturbation.

Dr. Naomi Koh Belic, a contributor to ABC, describes herself on her website as “Your biracial, bimbo, biologist” using “she/her” pronouns. Her areas of work include stem cell research and “diversity and inclusivity.”

Belic addressed “masturbation equity” in the Instagram post by discussing the “masturbation gap” as “Around half of sausage strokers masturbate regularly. Yet less than a quarter of taco touchers do. Let’s close that gap.”

Belic excludes women in her comments and cites instead “folks with vaginas.”

Belic extols the virtues of masturbation with “Masturbation is a form of stress relief, and it helps with relaxation” and “When you flick the bean, you go through a process called tenting which helps flush out cervical fluids.”

The post features the hashtags “#SelfLove #SelfCare” and “#IfYouCantLoveYourselfHowInTheHellYouGonnaLoveSomebodyElse.”

Belic continues with saying masturbation has “even been shown to improve your self-esteem and body image” and “is a fantastic way to work out what brings you pleasure. So you can articulate what you enjoy.”

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