Taco Bell faces lawsuit after manager allegedly pours boiling water on customers

Two customers entered a Taco Bell in Dallas, Texas on June 17 after their drive-thru orders were prepared wrong twice. Following a 10-minute-long discussion with staff, they were threatened with violence, and had a bucket of boiling water poured over their heads by the manager.

The customers were left with severe burns all over their bodies, and have since filed a lawsuit against the company, the franchise, and it’s employees.

According to the lawsuit, Brittany Davis and a minor identified as “C.T.”, both African American, were not looking for a fight when they walked into the Taco Bell at 11829 Abrams Rd., Dallas, Texas on June 17. They simply wanted their $31 order to be correctly prepared.

Instead of making the necessary changes, employees began uttering threats, and the manager, a Hispanic female, “violently and without warning poured a bucket of boiling water over C.T.’s and Brittany’s heads, shoulders, breasts and legs.”

The lawsuit says that as a result, both customers were left with “excruciating second and third degree burns” which made them feel as though they were “burning from the inside out.”

Employees attempted to lock Brittany and C.T. in the store as the manager grabbed yet another bucket of water, but they were able to escape and make it to their car.

As they were driven away by family members, the employees were seen laughing and clapping in front of the store.

Upon arriving at a nearby emergency room, Brittany and C.T. were promptly taken care of. C.T. had managed to take her clothes off to “minimize the burning,” however Brittany was unable to after suffering multiple seizures as a result of the trauma. In the ER, Brittany’s clothes had to be cut off “with skin still attached.”

According to the lawsuit, after returning home from the hospital, C.T.’s mother had to remove the mirrors because she “could not bear to see her own face,” which had been scarred and discolored as a result of the burns.

Along with her burns, Brittany was left with “significant damage to her brain function due to the seizures,” which induced memory loss.

The pair are suing for $1 million to “seek justice for their injuries and to punish Defendants for their life-altering actions.”

Included among the Defendants are YUM! BRANDS, INC.; Taco Bell Corp.; Taco Bell of America, LLC D/B/A Taco Bell #22872, and North Texas bells LLC, as well as the employee and manager, referred to as John Doe and Jane Doe, respectively.

Weeks after the incident took place, security camera footage was released by Brittany and C.T.’s legal team, providing evidence for many of the claims made in the lawsuit.

As NBC reports, Taco Bell released a statement addressing the situation.

“Everyone deserves to feel safe in Taco Bell restaurants,” they said. “We take this very seriously and are working with our local franchisee to investigate.”

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