Suspect in Kavanaugh assassination attempt targeted 2 other SCOTUS justices: FBI

In a shocking report from the FBI obtained by Fox News on Wednesday, the suspect arrested in the attempted assassination of conservative Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh had plans to target two other SCOTUS justices and sought out advice on how to carry out the attacks on internet forums.

The documents reveal that suspect Nicholas Roske, 26, had meticulously preplanned the attempted assassination of multiple Supreme Court justices following the criminal leak of a draft decision to overturn abortion landmark ruling Roe v. Wade.

Roske allegedly communicated with internet users on Reddit where he mentioned his plans to target two more conservative Supreme Court justices, along with his primary plan of “killing Kavanaugh,” according to the FBI documents.

The conversation between Roske and an internet user is as follows:

“im gonna stop roe v wade from being overturned,” Roske told the internet user in an online conversation, according to Fox News.

The unknown user responded, “what u tryna do.”

“Remove some people from the Supreme Court,” Roske replied.

The unknown user said, “two dead judges ain’t gonna do nothing. ┬áThe whole government is f*cked There’s no fixing that You would die before you killed them all.”

“Yeah but I could get at least one, which would change the votes for decades to come, and I am shooting for 3 all of the major decisions for the past 10 years have been along party lines so if there are more liberal than conservative judges, they will have the power,” Roske responded, according to the documents.

The documents reveal that suspect Nicholas Roske used the Google search engine in the weeks leading up to the attempted assassination in search of advice on how to carry out the attack.

Some of the terms that Roske reportedly entered into Google include, “how to be stealthy,” “assassin skills,” and the “most effective place to stab someone,” according to Fox News.

On June 8, Roske was arrested outside the home of justice Brett Kavanaugh in Chevy Chase, a Maryland suburb of Washington, DC. At the time of his arrest, Roske was armed with a gun and knife and allegedly told authorities that he was there to “kill” Brett Kavanaugh.

Roske pleaded not guilty to all charges levied against him on June 22.

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