Shaun King threatens to dox New York Post reporters: ‘I know where you live’

Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King is threatening to doxx multiple New York Post reporters and their families after the journalists published a series of unflattering reports about the controversial activist’s lavish spending and purchases.

King posted photos of New York Post journalists Isabel Vincent and Kevin Sheehan on his Instagram and Facebook accounts, encouraging his followers to send him photos of their families and homes. King has since deleted the series of posts but not before they reached his 3.8 million followers on Instagram and 2.5 million followers on Facebook.

“The amount of pain this woman caused my family is incalculable,” King wrote about Isabel Vincent across his Instagram, Facebook, and website, asking supporters to send her home address, according to Daily Beast. “Send me details and photos. Of her. And her home.”

King made similar requests in a series of posts on his platforms about Kevin Sheehan and said, “This is Kevin Sheehan of the @NYPost. He has been attacking me and my family. Send me photos of his home. Send me photos of him. And his family,” Daily Beast reports.

Shaun King claims he advocates for the poor and disenfranchised communities. He is retaliating against The New York Post journalists whose reports exposed King’s lavish spending, including a lakefront property purchase.

Journalist Kevin Sheehan co-wrote a report on Tuesday about King defending the purchase of his $40,000 mastiff guard dog named Marz, who said the purchase was necessary to defend his family from white supremacists. The journalists revealed that King reportedly used donor funds from his Grassroots Law PAC to purchase his dog, Marz.

Isabel Vincent became the target of King’s threats after writing a story in July 2021 about the activist purchasing an $842,000 home in North Brunswick, New Jersey, which she described as odd for someone who is “a champion of the poor and disenfranchised.”

Although King deleted the first set of threats, he posted new ones to his Instagram account on Wednesday.

King posted a photo of Isabel Vincent to his Instagram account on Wednesday and threatened the journalist for the second time. He vowed to make her life “uncomfortable” and said that he knows where she lives, and where her “kids play.”

“To Isabel Vincent of the @NYPost,” King wrote.

“You posted my house online. And caused white supremacists to show up at my doorstep to terrify my wife and kids. You interrupted our entire lives doing so. You know that would happen when you published my home. But you did it anyway.”

“And you did it without consequence,” Kind added.

“I know where you live. Where you used to live. Where your family lives. Where they work. Where they play. How you move around New York. And the Hamptons,” King said. “And a few thousand other people know now as well.”

“Here’s the thing,” he said, before threatening the journalist. “You can attack me. And giggle about it to your peers and family. That’s fine. But I’m going to at least make it uncomfortable for you.”

King made similar threats in a separate post about reporter Kevin Sheehan and said that the journalist will receive “consequences” for his actions after stating that thousands of people now know where Sheehan lives.

“To Kevin Sheehan of the @NYPost,” King wrote.

“Just to be clear. Like you and your peers at the NY Post have done to me and my family…I know where you live. Where you used to live. Where your family lives. Where they work. How you move around New York. Where you shop in Queens. And a few thousand other people know now as well,” King threatened.

“Here’s the thing,” Shaun continued. “You can attack me. And giggle about it to your peers. That’s fine. But I’m going to at least make it uncomfortable for you. You aren’t going to post about my personal life without consequence. And you can keep doing it.”

In a follow-up post, the unglued activist vowed to cause The New York Post reporters both “pain and misery.”

“I’ll tell you what,” King said. “For the pain and misery that people have caused my wife and kids, I’m going to start redistributing that pain right back to you.”

“That’s my word,” King added. “I’ve been far too kind to all of you that disrupted my life and made my wife and kids cry. Not going to accept it. Cross my family again and see what happens. And I’m backdating this promise a few years.”

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