Reddit bans the word ‘groomer’, claiming it’s an ‘anti-LGBTQ+ slur’

Last week, the operators of the “Political Compass Memes” subreddit announced that they had been contacted by Reddit administrators in regards to certain words used by their over 500k members that were unpalatable to their cause. Among them was the term “groomer,” often used to refer to someone who seeks to indoctrinate children in far-left gender identity ideology.

The move was slammed by LGBT group Gays Against Groomers, which suggested Reddit went the wrong way in deeming the term to be an “anti-LGBT slur.”

“We have been contacted by the admins,” PCM operators said in a post, urging members to “tone back your language and make a shift away from certain types of memes.”

“It is necessary for the survival of the subreddit and preservation of our culture open to all funny colors,” they continued. “1984, we know, but it is either we ask you, or we willingly allow a small minority of the subreddit to ruin the funny colors for everyone.”

Among the directives were, “No portraying LGBT people as a whole as ‘groomers’ or ‘pedophiles’, calling them a slur, or deadnaming them,” and “No portraying being transgender as a mental illness.”

According to the directive, saying “Groomer” to refer to LGBT people will results in removals from the subreddit and possibly even a ban.

Members shot back at the new rules, with one suggesting that the admins be portrayed as “soyjacks” to show how “unbased” they are.

Upon hearing of the news, Gays Against Groomers released a statement via Twitter outlining their opposition.

“Gays Against Groomers stands firmly against Reddit’s decision to censor the word ‘groomer’ from their platform as an anti-LGBT slur,” they wrote.

“Equating the word ‘groomer’ as an inherently anti-LGBTQ+ slur,” they continued, “asserts that ‘LGBTQ+’ automatically implies ‘groomer,’ which is an insult to the millions of us within the community who strongly oppose the sexualization and ideological indoctrination of children.”

The group suggested that by banning the term from their platform, Reddit was “inadvertently expressing their support for the grooming and abuse of children,” and painting “our community as a whole as those who support and engage in it.”

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