PR Courses In Australia – Permanent Residency 2022

Due to the large number of recognized and top educational institutions, Australia has a reputation for providing high quality education. Each year, thousands of international students choose Australia as their destination for higher education. Well, if you want to extend your stay in Australia, a student visa is your best bet, as most overseas students want to stay permanently in Australia once they have completed their degree. Therefore, there are many public relations courses in Australia to increase your chances!

International students have a perfect opportunity to secure their public relations points because Australia offers a post-study work visa (Subcategory 485). PR degrees are awarded to students abroad depending on their qualifications and work experience. Once students have earned enough PR points, they can submit an Expression of Interest to qualify for Permanent Residence (EOI).

Because a student’s qualifications play a big role in public relations grades, it is important to choose the right course or to choose private public relations courses in Australia. It is also strongly recommended that they gain work experience in their field of study, as this will give them the most PR points. If you are an overseas student looking for public relations in Australia, you need to start your search early and choose the right topic. Let’s look at many courses in Australia that can help you get a well-paying job and possibly lead to permanent residence.

Blouse Public relations courses in Australia

Here are some of the best public relations courses in Australia. See the following!

Teaching & Education

A profession in education and teaching is believed to be a career that will never go out of style. The pandemic has shown us that while teaching methods may change over time, teachers and students will always be present. Teachers will always be needed as long as there is training. This is why a profession in education and teaching is always in demand.

There are several levels of education programs in the field of education that can help graduates gain access to high-demand occupations in educational institutions. It is also one of the public relations courses in Australia.

Here are some of the training related professions that fall into the skills required for public relations

  • Preschool Teacher (Kindergarten).
  • Secondary Education Teacher
  • University Lecturer
  • Special Needs Teacher
  • Vocational Training Teacher
  • Teacher of English in Speakers of Other Languages

Car Public relations courses in Australia

The automotive industry is a large industry that has grown significantly over the years, both slowly and quickly for many reasons. With the focus shifting to energy efficient cars, a number of new opportunities are emerging for students interested in car engineering and repair. There are several degrees of Automation training programs that can help graduates gain access to high demand professions in this stream.

The requirements for enrolling in car lessons are simple and the qualifications available are many. In Australia, there is a significant demand for job profiles related to the automotive industry, such as car electricians and engine engineers.

Car jobs currently on the list

  • Car electrician
  • Motorcycle Engineer
  • Car electrician

Constructions & Construction

Construction and construction activity is expected to grow in double digits in the coming years. Plumbers, carpenters and other trade professions have long been in high demand throughout Australia, making trade courses an attractive choice for international students. Another advantage of attending these courses is that, compared to other courses, the requirement of English language skills is rather low.

Construction work currently on the list

  • Carpenter
  • Bricklayer
  • Carpenter and Carpenters
  • Construction Appraiser
  • Construction Project Manager
  • Glazier
  • Wall and floor tile
  • Roof tile


Australia’s healthcare system is extremely efficient and well equipped and the demand for healthcare workers is growing as the country’s population grows. According to Australia’s Future Health Workforce, the country would require more than 120,000 nurses by 2030. Nursing is one of the most popular healthcare professions among international students seeking to work in the industry. There are a variety of courses available in this field, which have a wide range.

Nursing positions currently on the list:

  • Nurse
  • Nurse (Mental Health
  • Nurse (Surgery)
  • Nurse (Clinic)
  • Nurse (Child and Family Health)
  • Nurse (Pediatrics)
  • Registered nurse (elderly care)
  • Nurse (Emergency Care and Emergency Care)
  • Nurse (Developmental Disability)
  • Nurse (Disability and Rehabilitation)
  • Obstetrics


International students have a variety of employment opportunities in accounting. A student with a degree in accounting and related experience is well placed for a successful career. Once you have a master’s degree in professional accounting, you will have a plethora of options. With these degrees, you can work as a Corporate Treasurer, External Editor, Tax Accountant, General Accountant or Chief Accountant, among other positions. According to MLTSSL, this profession has a variety of immigration visa possibilities.

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