POSOBIEC AT CPAC: New Right ready to ‘take the fight to the front lines’

Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec was a featured guest at CPAC Texas where he was interviewed on Friday by columnist and author David Marcus on the topic of the New Right, with Posobiec describing the New Right as having “new ideas to take the fight to the front lines.”

The two discussed American culture, starting with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who recently went up against Disney and provided an example to other states on how to handle large corporations who overstep their boundaries. In April, the governor stripped Disney of its self-governance privileges after 55 years, which provided it the ability to govern itself.

The now-scrapped Reedy Creek Improvement District allowed the district, which encompasses the company’s theme parks on more than 25,000 acres in Central Florida, to act with the same authority as a county government.

The controversy all started after Disney took a stance against Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill. DeSantis slammed Disney as “a corporation based in Burbank, California and you’re gonna marshal your economic might to attack the parents of my state,” adding that he viewed that as “provocation, and we’re going to fight back against it.”

“Disney, from a perspective, it makes sense that the governor go up against that. DeSantis decided to be the one that said, ‘you know what, it’s too far,'” said Posobiec, adding that when companies step into the political arena, they’re “not just part of the economy of our area, you’re now trying to tell us how we should live” and “how our children should be raised.”

“That’s not the job of corporate America, that’s the job of the people,” said Posobiec.

Marcus noted that there had been a cultural shift when it comes to the states versus large corporations, saying that companies now realize that there’s a price to be paid for interfering in the culture of the United States.

“They can feel the ground shifting under their feet,” Posobiec added, while also crediting Andrew Breitbart and Rush Limbaugh as intellectual founders of the New Right movement.

The two then discuss Trump and foreign policy, with Marcus saying that “his foreign policy was kind of all over the map,” adding that most Republicans support Ukraine because they want to support the people of the Ukraine.

Posobiec adds that people feel as though the money’s being sent, but being lost somewhere along the way. Posobiec, who recently visited Ukraine, said that one couldn’t tell that the US was pouring billions a month to Ukraine, and said that the money would be better suited to fix up crumbling cities like Detroit or Chicago.

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