POSO at TPUSA’s SAS: ‘You will not defeat the American people’

Addressing the crowd at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit Sunday morning, Human Event’s Jack Posobiec slammed the Biden administration as well as international organizations like the World Economic Forum.

“We’re gonna take our country back from the likes of President — I don’t even know if he’s awake right now. President Joe Biden. We’re gonna take our country back from the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization. We’re gonna take our country back from the liberal world order,” Posobiec began.

“I have a message for the liberal world order, for Klaus Schwab, for the Great Reset. This is the United States of America, and we are the American people and we are not going anywhere,” he added.

Posobiec then launched into the story of him and his team being detained in Davos by police with World Economic Forum badges back in May.

“They detained us at gunpoint, World Economic Forum police blazoned across their badges. And I said ‘Do your worst. You want to lock up Jack Posobiec? You can lock up Jack Posobiec. But you’re not going to stop me. You’re not going to stop this movement. You are not going to stop us speaking the truth and exposing you for exactly who you are and what you are trying to do,” said Posobiec, who later noted the fact checks that circulated following his detainment, which claimed that he was never detained.

Posobiec continued on to note the beginnings of the great resent in the 1960s and 70s. “What did they do? They started by targeting God. They targeted God and they targeted prayer and they pushed God out of schools. They pushed God out of the public sphere.”

“And I’ll tell you exactly what the Great Reset is. You want to boil it all down. Right we can talk about all the theories we can talk about all the ideologies, the money to interest, the corporate interest, but it’s simple. It’s simple as this. They want to replace God. They want to replace God.”

Posobiec issued a simple message for those attempting to drive God out of the public sphere: “God is not going anywhere because God is more powerful than you, he’s more powerful than all of us, and you will not defeat God.”

Posobiec slammed efforts by these world organizations and governments to keep young people from starting families and owning anything.

“They want you to be serfs. They want you to own nothing. They want you to push off your family formation. They don’t want you to own homes. They don’t want you to own your own — Everything is going to be a subscription model. And you’re already seeing this pushed out again and again and again,” said Posobiec.

“Then you go to the World Health Organization, and what do they say? A global pandemic treaty. That’s what they are pushing and don’t let the fact checkers tell you otherwise. That’s exactly what they’re pushing. And we’re going to expose it and we’re going to stop it,” he continued.

Speaking in regards to the pandemic, Posobiec went on to slam the Covid vaccine and boosters, and noted that he and his family are sticking with natural immunity.

Posobiec noted the response amongst those who live in the nation’s capital. “These people are terrified. They’re terrified. They have become imbued with this idea that they will trade away every last inch of freedom, every last inch of freedom that they have, that their children have for safety, for security.”

“Well I’m gonna tell you something right now. I’m not giving up my freedom… We’re going to hold on to our freedom and we are going to demand our freedom because like I just said before, our freedom does not come from government. Our freedom does not come from a piece of paper. Our freedom doesn’t come from a judge, not even nine judges in black robes. Our freedoms come from God, our freedoms come from God. That is what our country is founded on.”

“And I am sick and tired of having to apologize for Western society, for the Constitution for the declaration, for the founding of the United States of America. And I’ll tell you something right now. We have nothing to be sorry for and I am not apologizing for the United States of America and the founding of this country because this is the greatest country on God’s green earth. And we need to keep it that way,” Posobiec said.

Posobiec continued on to pose a question to the audience: “Do you understand what part of the movie we’re in?”

He noted the beginning of the “Biden regime,” which started with the city of DC being engulfed in fencing placed around major DC landmarks following the riot at the Capitol building on January 6, with these fences remaining up for months following the day.

“They want to turn us into some version, this his dystopian version of, like, The Hunger Games, because, I’m sorry, but you know, they’re sending people over to fight all over the world. Right? That’s where the our hunger games are taking place because they want to send Zoomers, they want to send millennials to go fight in their endless forever wars,” said Posobiec.

While sending people overseas, Posobiec mocked leftist news figures like Don Lemon and Brian Stelter who praise the president.

“No, we’re done with it. We’re absolutely done with with the pink and blue hair. I was out there yesterday, by the way with these Antifa scumbags. These people are two range lunatics,” said Posobiec, referencing protestors that appeared outside the Tampa Convention Center on Saturday.

“You guys need to understand that when I say ‘do you know what time, do you know what part of the movie we’re in?’ This is the part. This is the part where there are two doors, right? There are two doors. We can walk into the door that’s labeled Venezuela. We can go down that road, or we can walk through that door that’s labeled the United States of America, a country of freedom,” said Posobiec.

Posobiec praised the American people, saying that the greatest ideas to come out of the US aren’t from government officials in Washington DC, but rather from the public, noting the anniversary of the moon landing which occurred this week.

Noting rampant crime in major cities across the US, Posobiec said, “None of this has to be this way. Because if we can just remember that we are the American people. We are the people that came here, that tamed this continent, that built the greatest — and we are this the descendants of the people who came here and built this country from nothing and brought it up, brought it up to be the greatest engine of freedom of innovation, of economics that the world has ever seen.”

“You will not defeat us, you will not defeat the American people, you will not defeat God. Because we together are stronger than anything you have. God is the answer. Our families are the answer. The Bible is the answer. No weapon formed against us will prevail, we will put on the full armor. This is a spiritual, this is a spiritual battle.”

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