Police use force less than 1 percent of time, rarely fire weapons: report

A new study shows that police use force in only .78 percent of sampled arrests and fire their weapons at a rate of .03 percent.

According to The Daily Mail, the study’s author is Rafael Mangual whose work has debunked the dominant narratives that black and brown men are disproportionately targeted by police and that criminal justice is actively working against them.

The study has been published as part of Mangual’s book, “Criminal (In)Justice: What the Push for Decarceration and Depolicing Gets Wrong and Who It Hurts Most.”

The book concludes that long prison sentences are reserved for prisoners who are incarcerated for the most serious crimes and that the police are unfairly criticized.

Mangual said, “A sober examination of the data on who goes to prison reveals that lengthy terms of incarceration are reserved for chronic, violent offenders who’ve already been given multiple ‘second chances.'” The author noted that 60.1 percent of those in state prisons were jailed for violent or weapons offenses. 36 percent of violent offenders committed their most heinous crimes while on parole or probation and 80 perfect of state prisoners will go on to commit more crime within 10 years of their release.

Mangual, who is also a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, “makes a convincing case against the pursuit of ‘justice’ through mass-decarceration and depolicing” and rebukes the leftist idioms of defund the police and that the justice system is systematically racist.

“Legal police use of force is extremely rare, illegal police use of force is rarer still,” Mangual said, “that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen and is not a problem. But how do we tackle it in a way that doesn’t impose the serious cost of diminished public safety on communities that cannot afford it?”

The author’s comments come after a gallup poll that shows a majority of Americans are calling for police reform.

Mangual was raised in Brooklyn and Long Island said that as crime in New York surges almost half of the incidents are localized to 4 percent of the city’s area.

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