Mall of America lockdown lifted after multiple shots fired inside

Bloomington police responded to an “active incident” at the Mall of America on Thursday after shots were fired inside the Minnesota shopping center.

The Mall of America was placed on a severe lockdown Thursday afternoon but the lockdown has since been lifted.

“We are currently working an active incident inside Mall of America on the northwest side. Numerous officers are on scene. We will update when we have more information,” the Blooming Police Department said on Twitter.

Nearly an hour later, the Bloomington Police Department provided an update and said the shooting was an “isolated incident” and that officers are attempting to locate a suspect.

“We have secured the scene at the Mall of America and can confirm that shots were fired. This is an isolated incident. The suspect fled the MOA on foot and officers are in the process of interviewing witnesses. At this time we have not located a victim,” BPD wrote.

Police said that no injuries have been reported.

A harrowing video that was posted on Twitter shows Minnesota shoppers running for their lives after hearing sounds of gunfire.

A shopper inside the Mall of America at the time of the shooting posted a photo of people hiding in the back room of a Starbucks.

“What’s more American then being in lockdown in the back of a Starbucks for a shooting at mall of America,” @joonNcrabs said on Twitter.

A mother of a daughter that was shopping during the incident said, “Sitting in the parking ramp waiting for my daughter to leave the Mall of America where she has been under a lockdown after a shooting at the mall.

“Even though I knew she was in a safe place, it’s been a scary afternoon. Seeing a text like this from your child is terrifying,” she concluded.

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