List Of January Intake Universities In UK For 2022-2023

List Of January Intake Universities In UK For 2022-2023

If the UK is your dream destination for higher education, you may have wondered what time of year you would like to join the student population there. When it comes to higher education, there are many myths about the university and one of the most prominent is the dilemma that students face when choosing the admission period. January admission universities in the UK are the second most common period for international students starting their studies in the UK after the September admission according to the British Uni.

So if you missed the September hiring for the previous year, January is definitely your call. This article will guide you through the various UK universities with January recruitment for postgraduate as well as undergraduate students.

Before we introduce you to the January UK admission universities, let’s first look at the different recruitment seasons in the UK.

Month of recruitment Open Applications
January and February June to September
September February
May November to February

Universities hired in January in the United Kingdom

Many students want to start their studies in January, but they mistakenly believe that the January session is shorter and has fewer sections. This is not the case. Because universities only have a limited number of places each academic year, the January recruitment is an opportunity for students who were unable to earn a place in the previous September session.

The following is a list of the top universities in the UK with January admissions:

Queen Mary Institute, London

QMUL (Queen Mary University of London) is a public research university in London, England. It is also recognized as a constituent college of the Federal University of London. The Medical College of London was founded in 1785 and was officially recognized as a university in 1887. The institute is a member of the Russell Group, the Universities of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth Universities Association in the United Kingdom. The university is ranked # 117 in the QS World University Rankings 2022. The Times Higher Education has placed the university # 117 in the global university ranking for 2022.

University of Liverpool

One of the most recognized institutions in the United Kingdom is the University of Liverpool. In 1903 the University of Liverpool was founded. Liverpool is also a founding member of the Russell Group and the N8 Group of Foundations. Today, the university is considered one of the leading institutions of higher learning in the world. Today, the university is considered one of the leading institutions of higher learning in the world. The university is ranked # 61 in the world by the QS World Rankings 2022, # 178 by the World University Rankings 2022.

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University of Exeter

The Exeter Foundation, founded in 1955, is a public research university. The foundation is part of the Russell Group, which is made up of three campuses and includes some of the UK’s leading research-intensive universities. Six faculties of higher education manage the teaching and administrative functions of the university. The institution has a huge student body and maintains active connections with more than 125,000 students from 183 countries around the world. Graduates of the University of Exeter have worked in a variety of fields, including sports, theater, music and journalism. The university is ranked # 149 in the world according to the 2022 QS world rankings.

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Kingston University

Kingston University is undoubtedly one of the many institutions and colleges the UK has to offer. Kingston University was founded in 1899 and was formerly known as Kingston Polytechnic. Located in the heart and soul of London, England. Kingston University offered courses in chemistry, buildings, architecture, nursing, fashion design and clay modeling in the early years of its existence. Kingston Polytechnic was renamed Kingston University in 1992. The university has several campuses in and around Kingston, UK. It also has a campus on Friars Avenue in London and another on Cranmer Terrace in London.

Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University, in the English city of Birmingham, is one of the most diverse learning cities in the world. In 1971 it was designated as a polytechnic and in 1992 it received its status. The city of Birmingham, which hosts the University of Birmingham City, is a popular metropolitan area in England and the unofficial capital of the West Midlands. The Times Higher Education ranked the BCU as one of the top 200 Youth Universities in the world for 2021, while the QS WUR Theme 2022 ranking ranked it in the 201-220 range. The Commonwealth University Association, the University Alliance and the Universities of the United Kingdom are all affiliated with the university.

Now that we have a look at some of the top January recruitment universities in the UK, let’s analyze it further and list the UK universities with undergraduate and postgraduate study in January.

January entry universities in the United Kingdom

January Universities in the UK for Postgraduate Studies

The following are the top January entry universities in the UK for postgraduate students:

  1. Bangor University
  2. Anglia Ruskin University
  3. University of Aston
  4. Edge Hill University
  5. Kingston University
  6. University of Sunderland
  7. Brooks University Oxford
  8. University of Lincoln
  9. Brunel University
  10. Queen Mary University of London

January entry universities in the UK for undergraduate study

Here are the top universities with January admissions in the UK for undergraduate students:

  1. University of Aston
  2. University of Northumbria
  3. Anglia Ruskin University
  4. Brunel University
  5. Brooks University Oxford
  6. University of Brighton
  7. University of Exeter
  8. University of Liverpool
  9. Coventry University
  10. Edge Hill University

Frequent questions

1. Which universities in the UK offer admission for January?

Edinburgh Napier University, Oxford Brookes University, Queen Mary University of London, Bangor University and The University of Bath are among the universities offering admissions in January.

2. Do UK universities have Jan recruitment?

After the September admission, the January admission universities in the UK are the second most popular season for overseas students starting their studies in the UK.

3. What is the January hiring in the UK called?

The UK definitely has a winter recruitment, which is the second largest recruitment in the UK after the autumn recruitment. Winter recruitment is also known as January / February recruitment.

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