Jordan Peterson meets with House GOP to ‘help formulate a positive conservative message’

On Wednesday, Dr. Jordan Peterson accepted an invitation from Rep. Dan Crenshaw to join a group of House Republicans for lunch in Washington, DC.

During his time with the Republican Study Committee, the largest conservative caucus in the House, Peterson pushed for the formulation of a new, more positive conservative message.

“I’m trying to help formulate a positive conservative message,” Peterson said following the gathering, according to The Hill, pointing out the “dangerous” times we live in where politics is “increasingly tit for tat.”

“It’s easy to recoil into a kind of resentment,” he stated, “especially in relationship to the radicals on the left and to just be tossing increasingly barbed insults back and forth.”

Peterson warned of “reflexive populism,” which feeds off such resentment, urging Republicans to go the route of pushing “a positive vision” as the midterm and presidential elections loom closer.

“Hopefully that will also cool down the political temperature to some degree,” he added, “because that needs to happen.”

Those in attendance had nothing but praise for Peterson and his words.

Rep. Jim Banks, for example, called the doctor’s contributions “phenomenal,” citing the fact that they had been able to talk about the culture wars “from a very philosophical and academic standpoint.”

Rep. Barry Moore said Peterson was a “brilliant man,” and said the meeting with him highlighted “an opportunity for conservatives to take the high ground.”

According to The Hill, the Republican Study Committee hosts lunches every week in Washington, DC, and often invites guest speakers to attend. Most have been politicians, however NBA star Enes Kanter Freedom has partaken, among other notable cultural figures.

Peterson has garnered admiration from many Republicans for his stance on issues such as free speech and academic freedom.

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