Intakes In The UK For International Students: The Timeline Explained

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Universities in the UK are preparing to begin the admission process for the 2022 academic year. Unlike Indian institutions, which have a single admission, colleges and universities have two major admissions to the UK. In some institutions, recruitment is also known as semesters.

  • Spring intake – January to February
  • Autumn Recruitment – September to October
  • A third intake, known as Summer recruitment (June to August), is also available at many colleges exclusively for specialized programs.

Admission to universities in the UK varies throughout the year, depending on degrees and admission criteria. If you want to study in the UK and are looking for a suitable entry for studying in the UK, you have come to the right place because this blog will help you with that.

recruitment in the United Kingdom

1. January Recruitment

For import cycles in the United Kingdom, the January to February recruitment is considered complementary. Although there are fewer courses available in January than in September, this recruitment provides an opportunity for students who were not admitted to the main entrance. It allows students to pay more attention to their applications. Application dates will vary depending on your program and university.

Application deadlines are usually between June and September.

2. September recruitment

Among the 3 recruitments in the UK, the September recruitment is considered the most important where the majority of universities in the UK offer all kinds of programs. However, it will always differ depending on the subject and will vary from one university to another. Students should contact their individual universities for more information.

Deadlines for September admission will be between February and May of this academic year.

3. May Recruitment

April / May recruitments in the UK are the least popular. Offered by a few universities / colleges with the fewest course options. Many institutions do not provide this recruitment because students prefer to take spring break. During the May admission period, the group of candidates is quite small. This admission cycle has the least stiff competition because you are more likely to receive an offer.

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Universities offering different recruitment programs in the UK

In the table below, we have listed some of the leading universities offering admissions in the UK. While the majority of universities are open for admission in September, followed by admission in January. you can see how the May recruitment is offered by only a few universities.

January recruitment September recruitment Recruitment in May
Queen Mary University of London University of Oxford Coventry University
Coventry University University of Cambridge University of Northumbria
University of Exeter Kings College London University of Ulster
University of Aston University of Leeds University of Chester
Brunel University Kingston University University of Salford
Birmingham City University Cranfield University Keele University

Keep in mind that there are more universities offering these recruitments in the UK, however, the above are among the most popular. and depending on the specialization of your course and the ease of your start, you can check through the portals of the university website.

Which intake is best for me?

Since there are 3 university recruitments in the UK, it can be difficult to determine which recruitment is right for you. When making a choice, consider aspects such as the availability of the chosen program, your academic records and results, English proficiency test scores, acceptance rates, career opportunities, and your readiness to start the program.

While many students prefer the September admission, the January and April admissions to the UK are also viable options for some programs. If you do not have your scorecards available, it is advisable to skip the rush and apply for the following recruitment.

UCAS – The UK-based University and College Admissions Service regulates all UG course applicants, so it is always advisable to check the deadline through the UCAS portal portal before making any final decisions.

MBA Recruitment in the United Kingdom

If you want to apply for an MBA in the UK, you must do so in the April / May admission window. MBA applications expire around September. Here are the top business schools for MBA admissions or top MBA colleges in the UK in April / May:

  1. London Business School
  2. Booth School of Business, University of Chicago
  3. Said School of Business, University of Oxford
  4. Imperial College Business School, Imperial College London
  5. The University of Cambridge, Judge Business School

recruitment in the UK

Doctoral Recruitment

As far as doctoral programs in the UK are concerned, there are no such fixed recruitments, as all institutions offer rolling admissions and accept applications from PhD candidates throughout the year. As a result, you can apply for a PhD in any of the three admissions or according to the unique admission dates for the university of your choice.

Masters’ Recruitment in the United Kingdom

In the UK, admissions for January and September are mostly for postgraduate programs, while there are some universities entering the UK in May that also accept applications for postgraduate courses. The best time to start a master’s degree in the UK is in January or September, as most of the major institutions are available for admission and you can apply to more than five universities, keeping your options open.

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