How to Handle It When She Gives You a One-Word Response (8 Ways)

Having trouble establishing a meaningful textual connection with a woman?

When she responds, does she merely use a single word or two?

Are you trying to figure out how to get her to talk more?

If so, then this manual will be a great resource for you. It’s jam-packed with advice for how to handle the situation when a female only responds briefly to your texts.

Learning how to text effectively is a necessary skill in today’s modern dating scene.

Thankfully, there are several tried-and-true methods that might allow a woman to feel more comfortable talking about herself over text.

In dire circumstances, a communications monitor like this one might prove useful. It can spy on other people’s conversations and relay that data to you.

In most cases, you can figure out why this person isn’t interested in you. It reveals their other chat partners, the apps they’re using, and a lot more.

Having this data at your disposal will give you a leg up in figuring out how to get their interest back.

There is more than one way to get the same result. When texting a girl and not getting more than a couple of words back, let’s look at some more options.

When a girl gives you short answers, here are 8 things to do

The plight of women and the fight for women’s suffrage tend to receive more attention than it deserves. This is not a laughing matter. Women have suffered greatly throughout history and continue to struggle against inequality and sexism in the modern world. Men, however, also fight silent conflicts. A lot is expected of them, and not just the unreasonable idea that they should be emotionless automatons.

As an example of a smaller amount of pressure, the duty of having to take the initiative in starting a relationship is one example. Feminist and equalist perspectives have emerged in the 21st century, although these shifts have been slow and incremental.

It seems that there are always those who will only do things the way they’ve always been done. The males can suffer a loss of pride if they are subjected to so much scrutiny. The guys might mess with their heads.

If you’re trying to talk to a girl who keeps responding to you with short, uninteresting answers, you’ve stumbled into a battle that men have been fighting for centuries: the battle to win over their mate’s affections.

Don’t give up hope. You have a good shot of success since others have tried and succeeded before you. If a woman is only responding to you with short answers, keep reading for advice.

1. Be the one to start things off

The reason why some ladies don’t give you a quick response is because they are either trying to play hard to get or are too preoccupied to talk to you right now. In the past, and even today, some women still prefer to follow the lead of their male counterparts.

Recently, though, women have become more vocal about wanting to be the one who takes the lead in a relationship. The minority of women who still hold fast to traditional values exists, nevertheless. They’d rather the guy strike up conversation first, and for him to take the lead once he does.

Gather some guts and steer the conversation if your crush texts you back with brief answers; don’t assume she doesn’t like you. Always begin a conversation with some light small talk.

2. Figure out her interests.

This is applicable to all of your social contacts, not just with ladies. The key to a successful conversation, in which both sides are actively involved, is choosing an appropriate topic.

Find out what she’s passionate about if you want her to respond to you with more than short texts. Most males make the mistake of asking her straight out. People often ask something as simple as, “So what do you like?” This is not right. It gives the idea that you aren’t interested in her enough to do your own research, and that you’re too lazy to bother.

In its place, you may ask her questions about her life without coming out as self-centered. When we met, I saw you and your buddies in the video game department; is it something you’re interested in, or was it a complete accident?

This demonstrates that you’re attentive and willing to put in the effort to learn what she enjoys. From her reaction, you can proceed with the conversation.

3. Let your sense of humor shine through.

In general, females enjoy a good laugh. Women enjoy humor regardless of social norms or PC concerns.

You’ve encountered the 8th wonder of the world if you know a woman who doesn’t laugh at jokes, whether they’re snarky, silly, or dark. You shouldn’t put too much stock into meeting someone who doesn’t share your sense of humor.

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It’s possible that the person you’re corresponding with is bored with the chat if she only responds to your messages with single words or very brief sentences. When used appropriately, humor can transform a dull conversation into a lively one in the blink of an eye.

There’s no way to go wrong with some lighthearted humor if things are looking hazy.

4. A Time for Tales

A good story is also very appealing to females. Share some “hot gos,” whether it’s the “tea” on the misfortunes of a mutual friend or known person, or a “fun exposé” of your own humiliating experiences.

You shouldn’t use this as a conversation opener, but rather once you’ve already caught her attention. You can’t just say hello and then start complaining about your noisy neighbors or the time you fell flat on your face in public. It would make you seem silly and chatty.

Something like, “Hey, did you hear about the fire on Third Avenue last night?” could be a good way to break the ice. Her likely follow-up remark would be “Really?! Can we find out whether there were any injuries?” And now she’s hooked on you for good. This suggestion will help you out and be enjoyable for you as well.

5. Inform her of your thoughts on her

Women may not respond to your conversation because they are unsure of your goals. You would assume it goes without saying that if he keeps texting her, he must really like her. Women just don’t think that way. One-word responses are all you’ll get from most of them until they figure out what you’re after.

Tell her how she makes you feel and what made you want to reach out to her in the first place. In this context, you might remark, “Hello, I recognized you from the gym where I work out; last week, you were using the treadmill next to mine, and your energy was contagious. That’s very fantastic, you have my respect “. She’d have an idea of what you’re looking for and feel more at ease giving you a proper response. The response time of a shy woman may be lengthier than that of an outgoing one.

6. Make her feel special by complimenting her.

It’s incredibly endearing to a woman when a man takes notice of her unique qualities. If you want to get closer to her, it’s a good idea to give her a sincere praise (on something other than her body).

Give her praise for the qualities you admire about her. I would have never expected that you were so talented at sports, for example. It’s possible that if you do this, she’ll not only start responding to your messages, but also feel more at ease carrying on a conversation with you.

7. Make a witty or seductive remark

The objective is to pique her interest and have her want to strike up a conversation with you. If the woman in question only responds to your text messages with one word, you might want to attempt flirting with her.

This is a potentially disastrous piece of advice that could cause her to completely cut off communication with you. She might even try to block you if she’s the casual type. Therefore, you should be at least 60% confident that she has some type of fondness for you before sending that flirting SMS. If that’s the case, you could try sending her a flirty text message. The noise would certainly catch her ear.

8. Keep trying if you don’t succeed the first time

Attracting a woman’s interest is a complex task that calls you a lot of practice and finesse. You shouldn’t immediately stop messaging her because she isn’t responding as quickly as you’d like or isn’t talking as much as you would like. You should make an attempt to involve her in your life if you value her and find her interesting.

The fact that you are even able to initiate communication with her and receive a response is fantastic news in and of itself. This is your opportunity, so make the most of it. If she only responds with a single word after you’ve exchanged niceties, try to extend the conversation.

Discuss both of your interests by asking her questions and sharing information about yourself. If she continues to show little enthusiasm after all this, it’s probably time to end things.

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