Highland Park shooting suspect considered second attack in Wisconsin on July 4

On Wednesday, Highland Park shooting suspect Robert Crimo III appeared in court for the first time following the July 4 shooting that resulted in the deaths of eight people.

It was in this court appearance, where Crimo appeared virtually from Lake County jail, that key details relating to Crimes involvement in the July 4 parade shooting were revealed.

According to the Daily Mail, Crimo appeared virtually over Zoom, dressed in black with black hair. He requested a public defender after he revealed to the court that he did not have a lawyer.

During the hearing, it was revealed that Crimo allegedly used a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 semi-automatic rifle to carry out the attack, and that the weapon had been legally purchased in 2020 for around $800.

Crimo allegedly fired 83 rounds in total during the July 4th parade shooting, reloading his weapon twice before fleeing off of the roof he had been firing from.

While running away from the scene of the crime, Crimo dropped his weapon, and officers were able to trace the gun’s serial number, which pointed authorities in the direction of Crimo.

Once taken into custody later on Monday, Crimo reportedly made a full confession and told officers that he “looked down, aimed and fired” into the crowd.

It was also revealed that Crimo reportedly drove to Madison, Wisconsin in his mother’s car shortly after the shooting, where he stumbled upon yet another Fourth of July celebration.

According to the Daily Mail, Crimo had allegedly contemplated a second shooting, noting that he had 60 rounds of ammunition left, but ultimately decided against it and drove back to Illinois, where he was later arrested.

On Wednesday, Lake County Major Crime Task Force spokesperson Chris Covelli said that Crimo didn’t go through with the second shooting because it wasn’t as thoroughly planned as the one in Highland Park was.

An attorney for Crimes parents, Bob Crimo Jr. and Denise Crimo, insisted that there had been ‘no red flags’ for them to report to the police leading up to the shooting.

Crimo’s father had reportedly supported his son’s application for a FOID card, which is a license required to purchase firearms, in 2019 when Crimo was 19, occurring just two months before an incident where police were called to the Crimo home.

In the incident, police confiscated 16 knives after Crimo “threatened to kill everyone.”

Crime as not arrested in that case, and was handed back his knives around two weeks later, according to the Daily Mail.

Crimo has been charged with seven counts of first degree murder, with Lake County State’s Attorney Eric Rinehart stating that more charges are imminent.

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