Getting Your Crush to Fall For You even Without Speaking (8 Sure Ways)

Want to know how to make your crush like you without saying a word? You’re in luck, since we’ve got lots of suggestions for you right here.

Get your crush’s attention first. If you don’t do something, your crush won’t be smitten with you. Don’t try to impress your crush by acting like someone you’re not.

The next step is for your crush to fall in love with you after you’ve won their affection. Girls’ behaviors can have emotional repercussions. Most girls know that keeping their crush in constant visual contact is the surest way to win over their affections. Now that physical attraction has blossomed, intimacy can begin.

As if LOVE were the universal but unspoken language of romantic relationships! It’s a divine blessing, and it’s best experienced in the company of another human being who longs to return that affection. Basically, all you have to do is catch the eye of the person you want and do anything you can to maintain it.

Avoiding Conversation: A Proven Strategy for Capturing the Heart of Your Crush

1. Try Dancing

This is an excellent strategy if you are at a bar or other social setting where you do not know the other person very well. Dancing in front of a person is an excellent way to get their attention. You could do a beautiful striptease if you’re already dating this person or have a love interest going and you’re in a secluded place. You can find more of this kind of thing in Carmen Electra’s work.

It’s fantastic exercise, and I know since I’ve learned several of her dances. As an added bonus, you’ll pick up a ton of seductive dancing skills that are sure to attract the attention of your dream man. If you want to get a person’s attention, and keep it, then learn to dance well.

My dancing skills have attracted the attention of many males. On the dance floor, they see a lot of girls, but I’ve mastered several tricks that help me stand out. To prepare for my forays into the clubbing and bar scene, I have mostly just watched a lot of dance videos. If you must, crank up the jukebox and get down!

2. Contact them via social media.

Don’t feel obligated to chat to them in person if you don’t want to or can’t; instead, try messaging them on social media. Get on Facebook and start adding people; send an anonymous GIF or emoticon around the web. Be sure to write comments on his or her social media pages if you want to catch his or her attention.

The available alternatives are practically endless. You can act as a hidden admirer by showing your support for his or her work, sending a seductive or cryptic letter, or simply provoking the person in some way. Try to think of a unique technique to get through to them. Just be yourself, and you’ll be great.

3. Act as though you’re not interested

Science Daily suggests that the tried-and-true “hard-to-get” approach is effective. You don’t need to pretend to be someone you’re not or say things you wouldn’t typically say, but you also don’t need to ramble on and on about everything on your mind. The person you have a crush on is smart enough to find out some things on their own, but you want to leave some things a mystery.

If you want to pull this off, you’ll need to be fun and flirtatious with everyone you meet. You shouldn’t pretend to be somebody you’re not, as was previously indicated. This method is not for the shy or introverted among us, but those who naturally enjoy interacting with others may find it useful. Just be yourself and you’ll have no trouble passing.

It would serve you well, so long as you kept your focus on the object of your affection. You want them to know they are your top priority. You could give lots of genuine smiles and eye contact to convey this. To get his or her attention, you could try dressing up to indicate that you care about how you look.

4. Send them a lot of text messages

Perhaps the two of you already have a friendship but feel the need for something more serious. If you have the option to send each other texts, you have a lot more freedom to experiment with different ways of getting their attention. Stop trying to hide your true feelings and just say them. If you’re worried about how your message will be received, avoid being overly provocative.

If you and your potential sweetheart haven’t been flirting seriously for very long, for instance, you might want to think twice before declaring your love. It’s for this reason that you shouldn’t come out as very authoritative in a text message. There is the possibility of being turned down if you put yourself out there too much; you should be prepared to deal with this.

Keep in mind that a teacher or friend may read what you’ve written; if it’s meant solely for them, you may want to wait until you’re in a more private setting to share your feelings. This manner, you can protect your work from prying eyes that have no business perusing it. Don’t you think so?

5. Cause jealousy by flirting with other persons in front of him or her.

To explain this one would be unnecessary. Having others express interest in you might be a great method to get a person to open up and share their thoughts.

6. While around your crush, chat with your pals.

If they overhear you, tell them whatever it is you want them to know! Just say what’s on your mind. Share with him or her the things that you enjoy doing in your spare time.

7. Always try to look hot

Looks alone are enough to make people fall in love. Is there anyone you’ve fell in love with due of this? Excellent plan of attack! In order to let your crush know that you’re interested in them, you should always present your best seductive self in their presence.

8. Leave him or her notes

Perhaps you’re in a setting where you’re not allowed to communicate with others, like a classroom. In that case, you might want to think about passing notes, provided you don’t get caught or in trouble for doing so. This is a great opportunity for people to interact and learn more about one another.

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