Fatal shootings at California 7-11 stores may be connected: police

Police are searching for a suspect after the shooting and killing of a 7-Eleven clerk in Brea, California. Police believe the shooting is related to at least one other incident at a 7-Eleven on Monday morning, after several crimes were committed near 7-Elevens.

Shootings have occurred at or near 7-Elevens in Brea, Santa Ana, Riverside and La Habra, California.

According to Gigi Graciette, an armed robbery was reported just before 2 am in Riverside, California. One victim was shot in the head.

In Santa Ana, the body of a man was found near a 7-Eleven, and appeared to be shot to death.

In Brea, police confirmed that a 7-Eleven clerk was shot and killed in a robbery. Police have released photos of the suspect, though no other information has been released.

“Our preliminary investigation suggests that the clerk was killed during a robbery,” the Brea Police Department said on Twitter. “We later learned that a similar incident took place at a 7-Eleven at La Habra.”

Monday is July 11, which the convenience store chain celebrates as “7/11 Day” or “Slurpee Day” at the store.

There is not a confirmed link between the crimes committed at the store and the date.

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