Everything About MS Fields In The USA

When you plan to study any of the MS fields in the US, you should be aware that a two-year program provides students with an advanced master’s degree. The United States offers world-class research opportunities, a career-oriented curriculum, and a recognized higher education faculty. The majority of overseas students who come to the United States to study choose STEM courses such as computer science, data science, accounting and management, computer engineering and more.

MS fields in the USA

Advantages of MS Specializations from the USA

One advantage of enrolling in one of the top MS fields in the US is that, in addition to exams, you earn points from your teachers during MS courses in the US through internships, group discussions and classroom participation, which add weight in the final results of your exams. All these achievements will strengthen your CV and make you a more competitive candidate.

Another important advantage of pursuing an MS specialty in the United States is the generous salary packages provided by companies to US university graduates. As a result, despite the fact that MS fields in the US are expensive compared to many other nations, the majority of students are able to repay their debts quickly. Many US colleges also provide scholarships to international students to help them pay for their studies.

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Why study MS Fields in the US?

Each year, more than 80,000 students go to the United States to pursue a master’s degree in various disciplines. Ivy League colleges in the United States are known as the largest universities in the world. Your degree from an Ivy League college or one of the top institutions will help you gain a foothold in the competition for a decent job and a successful career. More than 50 US colleges are ranked among the top 100 universities in the world worldwide. The following are some of the major MS fields in the US:

  1. Harvard University
  2. Johns Hopkins University
  3. Columbia University
  4. University of Northern Arizona
  5. University of Washington

Top MS fields in the USA

MS In Data Science

The job of a data scientist is to handle data. A data scientist is trained to manage large amounts of data in order to succeed and provide the services that customers require. Because this curriculum is completely dependent on data analysis, it is best suited for students who have mathematical thinking and analytical nature. Data science is used to summarize a huge amount of data and use it for a variety of purposes, such as marketing research, search engine optimization, and search engine optimization to better understand the public, something that has a direct impact on business and finances.

Career prospects – Data scientists use a thorough analytical method to understand the target audience, which is useful in industries such as information technology, pharmaceuticals and retail. The most popular job titles of a data scientist include Quantitative Analyst, Identity Data Analyst, Data Architect and so on.

MSc in Computer Science

Computer science, one of the leading fields of MS in the USA, is a theoretical and practical study to understand the concepts, design and use of computers. In short, computer science is the study of both hardware and software. Computer science is a large area with various sub-disciplines such as computer animation, computer theories, computer languages, operating systems, software testing, etc. According to the accumulated statistics of the US Labor Statistics forecast for the period 2002-2012, six out of ten new jobs were related to computers. Computer science teaches you to be an expert in:

  • Understanding and creating an operating system
  • Programming in language.
  • Software Testing and Development
  • Numerical Analysis of Algorithmic Problem Solving Methods

Career prospects – MS in Computer Science provides doors for jobs in various fields, such as data analysts at large multinational companies, software engineers at various IT organizations, etc.

MS In Energy Engineering

The energy engineering curriculum aims to teach students about energy sources and how to use them. It requires knowledge of a variety of subjects, including chemistry, physics, the environment, economics and mathematics, in order to improve the efficiency of energy sources. It has many fields such as Petroleum Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Energy Energy Engineering, Plant Engineering, Energy Services and so on, making it one of the most sought after MS fields in the USA.

Career prospects – The oil sector is one of the most important industries in the world, employing a large number of people every year. In addition, the oil and gas company is developing and employing energy engineers.

PM in Information Systems Management

The postgraduate degree in Information Systems Management is intended to provide strong know-how in IT strategy and communication. It is specially created for those who want to improve their management skills and acquire new tactics while expanding their understanding of information technology. This program covers a variety of topics such as Business Information Management, Information Technology Strategy, Information Technology and Telecommunications Management, among others.

Career prospects – MS fields in the U.S. graduate may apply for roles such as Information Systems Manager, Computer Systems Analyst, Technology Officer, and so on. You will be responsible for managing an entire personal computer in a company.

MS In Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a science that combines physics, chemistry and biology. MS in Pharmacy keeps you informed about medicines, medical reports and healthcare rules and procedures. A pharmacist is responsible for providing information on medications, conducting frequent checkups, and monitoring patients for possible side effects, among others. Medicine, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and so on are all subfields of pharmacy.

Career prospects – A pharmacist works mainly in hospitals, clinics and clinics. Nowadays, there is a growing interest in clinical research or thesis.

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