Duolingo Accepted Universities In The UK | A List

Duolingo Accepted Universities In The UK | A List

Synonymous with its vibrant green owl, Duolingo was released in 2011 and quickly became known as the most popular and free language learning app on the internet. With its extremely user-friendly interface and wide range of features, it has become the top choice for grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Duolingo also conducts the Duolingo English Test, which is an English language proficiency test accepted by thousands of universities around the world. In this article, we will take a look at the universities that are accepted by Duolingo in the UK, the specifics of the test, other alternatives and the test scoring requirements.

Why Duolingo English Test | Duolingo accepted universities in the United Kingdom

Despite the many long-term alternatives, the Duolingo English Test has grown in popularity in recent years with a growing number of Duolingo University admissions in the UK. Some of the reasons why the Duolingo English Test outperforms its counterparts are:

  • Efficient: The Duolingo test is relatively inexpensive and costs about $ 49 or about 00 3600.
  • Time efficient: The test does not last more than 60 minutes making it extremely effective.
  • Completely online: The test can be done entirely online and gain popularity due to the possibility of taking it home at difficult times Covid.
  • Test Models: You can select many virtual tests on the site and do them in your spare time. This helps to better prepare for your test.
  • Relatively easy: The Duolingo English Test is simpler compared to its counterpart. For students who have not yet appeared on the test, this fluctuating event helps boost morale.
  • Recognized by many universities: There is a huge increase in universities being accepted by Duolingo in the UK as well as elsewhere around the world. This percentage is expected to increase in the coming years.
  • quick results: Test results available 48 hours after test.

List from Duolingo accepted universities in the United Kingdom

Duolingo’s 68 prestigious UK universities have followed suit with other universities around the world accepting the test as the official English proficiency test. Below is a list of well-known and accepted universities accepted by Duolingo in the United Kingdom.

  • University of Edinburgh: Among the oldest universities in the UK, the university accepts Duolingo in case you can not show up at the examination center, especially because of Covid. Grading requirements range from 115 to 145 depending on the course you choose.
  • Anglia Ruskin UniversityKnown for his MBA and business-related degrees and courses, he is also a top candidate for universities accepting Duolingo in the UK. Anglia Ruskin scoring requirements are determined by the level of proficiency provided on the Duolingo website.
  • University College LondonUniversity College London is home to a large number of international students and is one of the top colleges in London. The Duolingo test score requirement depends on the course you choose to enroll in.
  • University of BirminghamFocused on research and renowned for its great discoveries, the University of Birmingham is popular for its science courses. The grading requirements depend on the course you choose.
  • University of GlasgowWith the label of one of the oldest universities in the world, the University of Glasgow is a place of high prestige to continue your higher studies. You are eligible for their programs with the basic Duolingo rating.
  • University of BristolKnown for its emphasis on high quality education and research, this university is a notable addition to the list of accepted Duolingo universities in the United Kingdom. The minimum scoring requirement is 110.
  • Queen’s University Belfast: In the beautiful Irish city of Belfast, Queen’s University is recognized for its teaching excellence and innovative research. The minimum score of the test is 95 and it further depends on the course you choose.
  • Leeds Beckett University: Economics, MBA, Media, Hospitality Management and Sports Tourism are some of the most popular fields that students choose to study at this university. The scoring requirement is at least 105.

Outline of the test Duolingo accepted universities in the United Kingdom

The Duolingo English Test is divided into two parts. the adaptive test and a video interview. The Adaptive Test involves filling in missing letters from a section of text, differentiating real English words from fake ones, listening to and typing text, and describing an image. The duration of the adaptive test is 45 minutes. The following is a video interview where you are required to talk about a topic and include a written test. The duration of the video interview is 15 minutes.

Alternatives for the Duolingo English test

There are a huge number of universities around the world, with the number reaching almost 1800, taking the Duolingo English Test as an English Proficiency Test. Students prefer it to its old counterparts because of its level of difficulty and convenience. Many universities place this test on the same level as the following tests:

  • Cambridge English Test
  • PTE

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