CNN ‘blowing up’ its morning show following Stelter firing

CNN is looking to make major changes to the network’s morning show “New Day” after the company fired anchor Brian Stelter last week. CNN President Chris Licht will be “blowing up” the morning show due to poor ratings, a report said on Monday.

Licht previously served as executive producer of the much more popular “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and “CBS This Morning” prior to getting his gig at CNN. He tapped fellow ex-CBS staffer Ryan Kadro to lead the overhaul, according to the New York Post, citing sources close to the matter.

The Licht transformation is also being spearheaded by WarnerBros-Discovery CEO David Zaslav, who wants to move the network away from its partisan, opinion-driven shows and ore onto fact-driven, non-partisan news coverage.

Licht said he had plans for the morning show in May when he stated that the network was aiming to “reimagine” it, though he gave no further details.

Stelter was fired last week after his show Reliable Sources was nixed by the network. CNN cut the program as it gets ready to release a fresh lineup of shows that will include “Who’s Talking with Chris Wallace.”

The New York Post reports that CNN staffers believe that influential WarnerBros Discovery shareholder and board member John Malone. Malone said that he wanted to make CNN “more centrist,” but has denied any involvement in Stelter’s exit. They report, however, that “multiple current and former staffers” fear that Malone is “indirectly dictating an agenda” being carried out by Licht.

Other left-leaning anchors like Don Lemon and Jim Acosta appear to be safe from firing for the time being, reports the New York Post.

Licht told CNN staffers to “expect more changes,,” saying “this is a time of change and I know that it’s unsettling.”

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