Chris Cuomo now ‘free agent’ reporter wandering in Ukraine

Chris Cuomo has returned as a “free agent” reporter to bring his Instagram followers updates about events in Ukraine.

After a 30-week hiatus from social media, the fired CNN host posted a lengthy blurb on Instagram in late June along with pictures and video of devastation from the war-torn country.

“In Ukraine. We can not forget. Russians are apparently targeting civilians,” he posted from a bombed-out mall in Kyiv. After detailing recent bombings of a kindergarten and a few other buildings Cuomo wrote, “More to come of how bad it is getting here. #ukraine #ukrainewar #letsgetafterit.”

No children were in the kindergarten when it was bombed.

In December of 2021, Chris Cuomo was fired from his hosting job at CNN because he had provided aid and counsel to his brother, the disgraced former Mayor of New York, Andrew Cuomo. In August of 2021, Andrew Cuomo, whose Covid policies contributed to the deaths of dozens of senior citizens, ignominiously resigned from the governorship after a bevy of sexual misconduct allegations arose against him. Sexual misconduct allegations also contributed to Chris Cuomo’s CNN firing.

“America should be paying a lot more attention,” Cuomo posted on Monday while incorrectly wearing a battle helmet.

“??I went to the eastern front. Shelling is intense and devastating. Why so little coverage here?” Cuomo asked and similarly noted, “The interest here has slowed…the war is only accelerating.”

Cuomo likened the war in Ukraine to America’s War for Independence and wrote, “Ukrainians sound like Americans ~240yrs ago vs the British. They are laying down their lives to keep the freedoms we have here.”

The Daily Mail reports that it’s “unclear who is footing the bill” for Cuomo’s new independent journalism journey to Ukraine. Cuomo is selling merchandise like mugs, baseball caps, and shirts through his website.

Cuomo has also been tag-teaming the Ukrainian coverage with Sean Penn, in another post he called Penn a brother who is in the country making a documentary. Penn, like Cuomo, has overtly appealed to Western countries, especially the U.S. to engage in a hot war with Russia over Ukraine.

Some of Cuomo’s footage has him touring an abandoned town and exhibiting a Ukrainian tank. He also filmed himself in front of a deposit of unused grain and said, “We talk about the Ukrainian grain issue and how they can’t export right now.”

After Cuomo was fired from CNN he started smearing his former co-workers and demanded a $125 million payout.

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