Canadian troops set to help train Ukrainian forces in UK

As the war in Ukraine rages on, the international community has stepped up to offer support wherever possible.

On Thursday, defence minister Anita Anand announced that Canada would be sending over 200 troops to the UK to help train Ukrainian forces.

“We have now entered a new and very dangerous phase of this conflict,” Anand began, “with Putin engaging in protracted attempts to inflict long-term damage on Ukraine and its people.”

“Canada is committed to supporting Ukraine’s short, medium, and long-term defence needs,” she added, announcing that they will “resume large-scale training under Operation Unifier,” which began prior to Russia’s invasion but had been suspended.

Anand went on to explain that she had “authorized the deployment of up to 225 Canadian armed forces personnel to the UK,” where they will “help train Ukrainian military recruits.”

The first group of soldiers is expected to depart Edmonton next week for a military training base in the southeastern part of the UK.

According to Anand, commander in chief of the Ukrainian armed forces Valerii Zaluzhnyi expressed his gratitude to Canada for its contributions, adding that they were much appreciated by the people of Ukraine as well.

The defence minister also announced further military aid in the form of drone cameras, armoured vehicles, de-mining equipment and satellite imagery.

“We will not only continue to support Ukraine with the skills to defend their country,” she said, “but also with the equipment necessary to do so.”

According to CTV News, Canadian troops in the UK will work alongside their British, Dutch, and Kiwi counterparts to train Ukrainians on “the basics of soldiering.”

The initial training period is set to last four months, wherein Ukrainian recruits will learn skills such as how to use their weapons, perform first aid, and navigate the battlefield.

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