Canadian federal bank tracked customers supporting Freedom Convoy: internal documents

An Access to Information request by Blacklock’s Reporter has revealed that Farm Credit Canada (FCC) Regina demanded that employees record the names of customers who supported the Freedom Convoy financially. Internal documents show that staff were even compiling names after the Emergencies Act was lifted

FCC chief operating officer Sophie Perreault wrote in an email on February 23 that customers involved in the convoy should reported “immediately.”

“If you become aware of potential customer involvement in blockades, occupations and other support of activity related to the ‘Freedom Convoy’ you must submit a tip to the customer diligence centre,” said the email.

“Include the customer’s name, stated involvement, date and any other pertinent details. Please do not complete any investigative work yourself or communicate any information about FCC’s approach to customers who voluntarily disclose their involvement,” the email continued.

Perreault’s email continues to say that any customers supporting the convoy would see “appropriate action.”

“Any individual and entities that have been verified by the authorities as participating in illegal activity under the Act will face appropriate action which will include not onboarding those found to violate the Act, freezing disbursements and assessing the need to terminate business relationships,” Perrault wrote.

While the Act was lifted on February 23, the bank still continued to record the names of Freedom Convoy supporters.

Farm Credit Canada has denied any wrongdoing, saying in a statement to Blacklock’s on February 24: “FCC has not compiled any list with respect to the Freedom Convoy,” wrote managers at the time.

“FCC employees must not speak to media.”

Internal emails show that FCC staff were using their power to hunt down people involved in the convoy. One employee wrote in an email: “here is another tip for file.”

“I have identified two FCC customers that occupied Ottawa,” an employee wrote. “Both had trucks parked (blockade) and there are several photographs online. If sources are required please let me know.”

Another email from an FCC employee shows that some questioned why this info was being gathered at all, writing: “Why are we investigating this?… I expected we would get a list from the RCMP.”

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