Canada approves Moderna vaccine for children as young as SIX MONTHS old

Health Canada has approved the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for children as young as 6 months, newly updated information from the government’s website shows.

The vaccine is the first approved in Canada for children under 5.

Canada’s approval comes despite European countries’ health boards warning against using the vaccine in those under 30.

French health authorities last year advised against Moderna for those under 30, due to “comparatively higher risks of heart-related problems,” reports Reuters.
Germany also recently recommended Biontech/Pfizer’s vaccine for those under 30 due to “more heart inflammation cases with Moderna’s data.”

German data revealed a “report rate for heart inflammations of 11.71 per 100,000 shots with the Moderna vaccine for men in the 18-29 age group, compared with 4.68 for the Biontech/Pfizer shot. For women, the rate was 2.95 with Moderna and 0.97 with Biontech/Pfizer,” Reuters wrote.

Sweden and Denmark also decided last year that Moderna’s COVID vaccine was not fit for people aged 30 and under, due again to potential heart-related side effects.

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