BREAKING: Tim Pool goes to war with Twitter over ‘groomer’ controversy

Journalist Tim Pool went to war with Twitter on Monday after the social media platform locked him out of his account for criticizing “groomers.”

“Twitter just locked me out of my account lol. I don’t care enough about twitter for the tweet to stay up so whatever. F*ck you twitter,” Pool tweeted on Monday.

“The platform is so worthless I dont feel that any tweet I put up matters at all so idc to keep it up however I do think sh*tposting matters and I will keep sh*tposting,” Pool said.

In a series of Tweets following Pool’s announcement that Twitter had locked him out, the journalist slammed the Big Tech company for actively “protecting and supporting” pedophilia on their platform.

“Twitter actively protects and supports pedophilia,” Pool wrote in a Twitter post, followed by an abudance of post containing screenshots of Twitter allegedly allowing pedophiles on the platform.

The headlines shared by Pool include: “Twitter lets pedophiles discuss their ‘sexual attraction to minors,’ scholars argue”, “Twitter is not placing sex offender notices on profiles,” “Twitter is accused of letting pedophiles discuss their sexual attraction to children,” and “Twitter is a breeding ground for the normalization of pedophilia.”

Following the “TimCast” journalist’s criticism of Twitter, Pool announced that Twitter cancelled his ability to advertise on Monday.

“Hahaha twitter also just told me all my ad runs are cancelled,” Pool wrote.

The journalist’s criticism of Twitter and their reported targeting of individuals criticizing “groomers” comes after author and mathematician James Lindsay was locked out of his Twitter account on Thursday for criticizing a Media Matters journalist who called out media outlets for being anti-LGBTQ over their criticism of “groomers.”

“I agree with @Timcast. Twitter proactively shelters and enables pedophiles and people who want to recruit children into sexuality-based cults,” Lindsay wrote while standing in solidarity alongside Pool.

“The degree of this sheltering raises important questions. It’s unconscionable on its own, but is there an agenda? Are people paid? Leveraging sexual relationships? All of the above?” Lindsay said in the following Tweet.

Pool concluded the Twitter war on Monday by writing, “from now on i just straight up call them pedophiles.”

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