BREAKING: Saskatchewan RCMP issue ‘shelter in place’ order after possible sighting of suspect in mass stabbing

On Sunday, ten people were killed and at least fifteen injured after two men went on a stabbing spree in and around the James Smith Cree Nation. In the days since, one suspect was found dead, while the other, Myles Sanderson, remains at large.

On Wednesday, Saskatchewan police issued a “shelter in place” order to the communities of Wakaw and Prince Albert after a possible sighting of Sanderson.

“SHELTER IN PLACE, possible sighting in Wakaw and Prince Albert, SK area,” the alert read.

According to the RCMP, the individual in question was reported to be armed with a knife, and traveling down Wakaw’s Cemetery Road in a 2008 White Chevy Avalanche with Saskatchewan license plate 953 LPL. The vehicle was reported stolen out of Wakaw around 2:10 pm Wednesday.

“We believe this may be related to the Melfort dangerous person alert issued Sept 4,” the RCMP added, reiterating the need for the public to stay home.

“Do NOT approach suspicious persons,” the wrote. “Report suspicious persons, emergencies or info to 911. Do not disclose police locations.”

On Tuesday, it was determined that Sanderson had left the James Smith Cree Nation, calling on people across the province to keep their eyes out for him.

This is a breaking story and will be updated.

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