Black community leaders condemn racist attacks on Justice Clarence Thomas

Over 100 black Americans from academic and leadership backgrounds have signed an open letter condemning racist “white progressives” for a “barrage of racist, vicious, and ugly personal attacks” on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

The letter, written by Brown University professor Glenn Loury and founder of a crime reduction nonprofit Robert Woodson Sr., denounced the racially-charged backlash that Thomas received following the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

“White progressives do not have the moral authority to excommunicate a black man from his race because they disagree with him,” stated the letter published Wednesday on Real Clear Politics. “And those — regardless of background — who join in the charade or remain silent are guilty of enabling this abuse.”

“Whether it is calling him a racist slur, an ‘Uncle Tom’ or questioning his ‘blackness’ over his jurisprudence, the disparagement of this man, of his faith and of his character, is abominable,” the letter charged. The letter continued on to praise Thomas as a strong leader within the black community, regardless of what white progressives may think.

This strongly-worded letter comes as a response to countless racist attacks made against Thomas online and at pro-choice rallies. There have been countless instances of progressives calling the pro-life justice a “n*gger,” including left-wing Canadian pollster John Corbett.

Actor Samuel L. Jackson even partook in the name-calling, referring to the nation’s only current black Supreme court justice as “Uncle Clarence,” a reference to the subservient slave character of Uncle Tom in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s classic novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin. He was met with criticism from black conservatives on Twitter.

Loury and Woodon’s letter closed off with a final point:

“This is not about the content of the court’s decisions or Justice Thomas’ personal views; some of the undersigned agree with his judicial decisions and some do not. We speak out – as black people and Americans – to condemn these attacks and support Justice Thomas, because to remain silent would be to implicitly endorse these poisonous schemes as well as his destruction.”

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