ArriveCAN ‘glitch’ informs QUADRUPLE vaccinated man he must quarantine despite having no symptoms or positive test results

Upon returning home to Canada from a trip south of the border, an Ontario man received a notification from his ArriveCAN app instructing him to quarantine, despite not having tested positive, being quadruple vaccinated, and showing no symptoms.

As a result, the frequent border crosser is stuck, his attempts to remedy the problem snubbed by the government.

According to the National Post, David Crouch of Ridgeway, Ontario was waved through the border without any mention of potentially having to quarantine or take a test.

The news only came when he got home and checked his phone.

“I checked my email,” Crouch explained, “and there’s an email from ArriveCAN, saying ‘you are quarantined. This is your second day of quarantine’.”

A frequent traveller and Nexus card holder, Crouch was eager to go back down south to visit friends or shop, however, he didn’t know what would happen if he tried to cross the border while his app claimed he should be in quarantine.

“I’m sitting here saying I don’t want to get a $5,000 fine,” Crouch lamented. “I don’t want to lose my Nexus card.” He explained that the app was asking him to provide information regarding his quarantine, and would not let him begin a new ArriveCAN application until his time in isolation was up.

He also expressed frustration over the inability to contact authorities and solve the problem.

“It seems to be all one way,” Crouch said of the communication channels between Canadians and ArriveCAN officials. “They can tell you things, they can send you things, but God forbid you ever tried to get hold of anybody.”

As the National Post reports, Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino’s press secretary Audrey Champoux defended the app after learning of Crouch’s case. She pointed out that while “some travellers may have experienced some glitches,” the vast majority of those who use it have no issues.

She added that when things do go wrong, the goal of the government is “to help and educate, not be punitive.”

There have been increased calls for the Trudeau Liberals to do away with the app, however no end date has been set.

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