Antifa begin feud with Oregon biker gangs

A violent Antifa demonstration broke out in Oregon on Saturday, where members of the left-wing terrorist organization suffered a humiliating defeat after the group decided to mace bikers protecting a bar that hosted an event drawing awareness to America’s border crisis.

Antifa members gathered for a direct action to shut down the Honky Tonk bar in Salem, Oregon, on Saturday afternoon, The Post Millennial’s editor-at-large Angy Ngo reported.

Among the members of Antifa included Clifford Eiffler-Rodriguez, who was previously arrested for allegedly assaulting a female police officer at a violent protest on August 10, 2021, when Antifa gathered to attack participants of a street church protest outside Planned Parenthood. Eiffler-Rodriguez can be seen pictured in a blue top and hat.

In a shaky video posted to Twitter and shared by Ngo, a group of bikers can be seen approaching Antifa counter-protesters that were gathered across the street from Honky Tonk bar, with their identities concealed behind face masks, hats, and other gear. Yelling and eventually shoving breaks out between the two groups.

“Get off my f*ck*ng car, c*nt,” a woman yells at an Antifa protester that was reportedly brushed up against her vehicle.

Shortly after the heated exchange, an individual belonging to the group of Antifa maces the group of bikers, which prompts Antifa to retreat.

As the video continues, Antifa protesters can be seen pushing back against women in the biker group as they attempt to retreat.

“Stop hitting women, you piece of sh*t,” an individual can be heard yelling.

A brawl breaks out between two men and Antifa counter protesters, which resulted in Antifa dispersing after suffering a humiliating defeat.

“Bye Felicia,” bikers yelled as they taunted the fleeing Antifa protesters.

“The attempted #Antifa attack on the Honky Tonk Bar in Salem, Ore. ended in humiliation for Antifa members today. They lacked the numbers to launch assaults & were met by a group of angry women & bikers. Antifa also appeared to have now ignited a feud with a motorcycle club,” The Post Millennial’s Andy Ngo reported on Twitter.

According to Ngo, one of the group organizers of the failed Antifa direct action complained on social media that police and the city didn’t protect their comrades from the bikers.

“This is the same Antifa that demand (using violence) that police & the state be abolished,” Ngo explained.

After the group retreated, Antifa called for reinforcements to come to Gladstone, Oregon. However, the group of Antifa retreated for a second time after failing to increase numbers and instead photographed the group of bikers for purposes of doxxing them later.

Antifa member Anthony A. Amoss was also one of the black bloc militants at the Antifa direct action in Salem, Ore. on Saturday. He pleaded guilty last week in federal court for doing over $164k in damages to a courthouse, Ngo reported.

The violent events unfolded after Antifa cells in Oregon called on their comrades to mobilize to attack the Honky Tonk Bar. They accused the bar of hosting an anti-open borders event featuring Mark Finchem, candidate for Arizona Secretary of State, among others.

In posts to social media, an Antifa group named “Fascist Free 503” called on supporters to mobilize against the “fascist” bar.  The direction action was against the “Take Action Tour,” which is galvanizing Americans to speak out and respond to the crisis unfolding at America’s shared border with Mexico.

“We expect the likelihood of police contact to be higher,” the post reads. “We expect this to be a dangerous situation due to the location being friendly and often hosting Proud Boys and other white supremacists. “

On Monday, Sheriff Roy Boyd of Goliad County, Texas, joined other law enforcement officials to raise alarm about the border crisis wreaking havoc in America. These local officials are calling it an “invasion,” according to the Daily Signal.

“This is just a tidal wave of people coming across. It is an invasion. There’s no two ways about it,” Boyd said. “When you, as a taxpayer in the state of Texas, can’t utilize your own property because of the massive wave of people, it is an invasion, and that’s exactly what it is.”

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