All You Need To Know About The SAT Syllabus

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The SAT test is an objective and standardized test that is a pen and paper test in the US and some other countries with a success rate of 400-1600 that helps universities assess students’ general and specific levels of knowledge and expertise. in a fair way. It is conducted by the College Board and helps college admissions staff judge how well prepared you are for the university in the course you want to take and assess how well you know the subject taught up to high school. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the SAT curriculum.

The general SAT exam pattern consists of 2 main sections which mainly include the SAT – Reading and Writing Based Evidence (EBRW) and Mathematics syllabus. There was an optional essay section earlier which has been removed from this year onwards. The EBRW and Mathematics modules are graded between 200-800 according to the SAT exam standard.

  • The Reading section and the Writing section of the SAT exam syllabus consist of MCQ.
  • The Mathematics section of the SAT syllabus is divided into 2 sets, one of which can be attempted with a calculator.
  • Most of the questions in the Mathematics section are MCQ while some are grid questions, ie questions that students have to solve and fill in the answer on the bubble sheet.
  • The examination lasts 3 hours.
  • The time limit for the Reading and Writing section based on evidence is 100 minutes and the time limit for the Mathematics section is 80 minutes.

The SAT test is classified into two types, namely the SAT Subject Test and the SAT General Test, each with a different SAT syllabus.

General SAT Test

The SAT General Test tests the writing, speaking and math skills of students who want to be admitted to various UG programs at renowned colleges. True to its name, it tests the general knowledge and critical thinking skills of the students taking the tests.

SAT subject test

The SAT subject test focuses on assessing the student’s knowledge of a specialized subject or field. It consists of a total of 20 tests divided between the 5 main subject areas Languages, History, English, Mathematics and Natural Sciences. These areas are further subdivided into specific topics that are evaluated in the topic test. Students may be required to take this test as part of the admission criteria if they choose to pursue a specialist degree.

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SAT General Test Syllabus

Here is the syllabus for the general SAT- test

SAT Reading

The Reading section of the general curriculum of the SAT test consists of English reading comprehension excerpts, under which there are 10-11 questions based on the excerpt. The section has a total of 5 such passages with various lengths. This section is intended to test a student’s ability to understand and comprehend the written text, to understand the meaning of different words in a variety of contexts and the implied meanings of their related terms.

SAT Writing

In the Writing section of the SAT test curriculum, there are 4 excerpts with 10-11 questions each, which you must go through and find the errors given in the excerpt, rewrite them, rewrite sentences with alternative words and other grammar tasks. . The purpose of this section is to evaluate your understanding of English vocabulary and grammar.

SAT Mathematics

The SAT Math section is divided, as mentioned above, into 2 subsections – the 25 minute section does not allow the use of a calculator while the 55 minute section allows the use of one. It consists of 58 questions on various mathematical topics such as algebra, statistics, geometry, arithmetic, probability, data interpretation and problem solving questions.

SAT Theme Test Program

The SAT subject test is commonly known as SAT-2 and is designed to test the specialization of undergraduate students in the specific subject or field of study in which they seek to be admitted. It is divided into 20 thematic tests in the following 5 broad thematic areas that include the syllabus of the SAT subject examinations.

  1. Mathematics:
    This section of the SAT subject test curriculum is divided into 2 levels – Mathematics level 1 consists of questions based on algebraic expressions, data analysis, number sequences and coordinate geometry and Mathematical Level 2 consists of additional questions based on the subject of log functions and the laws of sine and cosine.
  2. Science:
    In this subject, tests are conducted for courses in E / M Biology, Chemistry and Physics based on the syllabus taught up to the Lyceum.
  3. English:
    This thematic area consists of a English Literature Test to assess the language proficiency of the candidate for an English literature course.
  4. History:
    In this course, the candidate’s knowledge of US History and World History is assessed.
  5. Languages

If students want to get a UG degree in the following languages, they will have to appear in the SAT Literature Test – Spanish, French, Italian, German, Modern Hebrew, Latin, Japanese and Korean.

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