9 Strategies to Get Him to Dump His Girlfriend

To love someone deeply but be unable to pursue a romantic connection with them is one of life’s greatest frustrations. These motivations may vary. It could be because of time and space constraints, personal concerns, baggage from previous relationships, or simply your advanced years.

And it’s more worse when the guy you like already has a girlfriend. You should know that he would never settle for a girlfriend. You should be the one who feels this pain.

Really, that’s simply too much trouble. You don’t want to come across as the side chick, but you also don’t want to come off as overly desperate, and trust me, I’ve been there. It’s a big risk, and I’m telling you that for free.

Surely you’re wondering, “What are the greatest ways to make him break up with his girlfriend?” Here’s some wonderful news I’ve brought you. I’ll give you 21 subtle but effective techniques to get him to dump his girlfriend. Hold tight!

What To Do To Get Him To Dump His Girlfriend

1. Make yourself more appealing.

It’s common knowledge that a girl’s attractiveness may sway a guy. An instinctive emotion, like attraction, cannot be forced. Guys find it hard to resist a beautiful lady who is comfortable in her own flesh. This really messes with their heads.

If you think you’re hot and project that confidence, he’ll notice you right away. Even better is if you happen to be his “type.” Get his interest as a potential partner by radiating positivity around him. First impressions are often the most memorable.

2. Flirt with each other

You got his attention; now pique his interest. Try playing the gazing game with him every once in a while, but then cutely avert your gaze once you make eye contact. Get him wondering if you like him or not by confusing him. Act mysterious. Even though he already has a girlfriend, he still has feelings for you.

After showering him with affection for the first few days, you should ignore him for several more. Touch his hands occasionally and lean on his shoulder briefly, but do not show him any signs of affection. Such actions will pique his interest and make him want to get to know you more. Making him think about you is a surefire approach to get him to dump his fiancée.

3. Listen carefully during conversations

Guys may not be the best listeners, but they really appreciate it when a girl pays attention and listens to them. It boosts their self-esteem and makes them feel more knowledgeable. Therefore, while he is talking to you or others in a group, pay attention to the statements and ideals he emphasizes the most, as well as the things that make him happy or sad.

Make sure to bring up these topics in private chats with him, either to show that you have common ground or to show that you can relate to his viewpoints. Once he sees that you’re paying attention to him, he’ll feel valued and may even initiate further conversation with you.

4. Look into who he’s dating

You have to be the cause, and you have to offer him reasons, for him to break up with his girlfriend. This follows the last idea about paying attention to what he says. A guy who likes another women is more likely to constantly bring up his girlfriend.

Take notes on what he says about her, especially if you spend a lot of time together, as you can use this information later. It won’t be as blatant as you might think. You already know what to do if he tells you that she never calls him after work. When he arrives home, pick up the phone and ask him how his day went.

If he complains that she ignores him, make it a point to focus on him. She should go for it if he wants more kissing and cuddling. Carry out whatever duties you may have. You could even be able to find out more information about her by stalking her on social media or asking people who may know her.

5. Be somebody he can confide in.

You will gain a great deal of intimacy with him if you are there for him whenever he has something he needs to talk about. Make him look forward to talking to you, and the positive reinforcement you provide will increase the frequency of those conversations. Keep an open mind and heart when he starts talking about his thoughts or problems.

Avoid appearing self-centered by not shifting the conversation’s focus. If you want to convince him to dump his girlfriend, you need to demonstrate that you, too, would be a good girlfriend material. Furthermore, we all know that a sense of security is the bedrock of any healthy relationship.

6. Diss his girlfriend in front of him

Once you’ve completed your research and he starts complaining about her, you can tell him he deserves better. He will start to think the same way that you do about her if you continually pointing out that you are superior than them when he talks about her.

Never bring up his girlfriend without a good reason; it will just upset him and reveal your true colors. The most effective strategies to get him to dump his girlfriend involve time and patience. What you want is what you shall obtain.

7. laud him

A sincere praise is always appreciated. When women gush over their male partners, even the boys feel loved and cherished. When you show a man occasional praise, he will perceive it as a sign of your respect and care for him. A positive for you is if he doesn’t get that from his current relationship.

Criticizing his girlfriend is pointless unless you also point out all the ways in which he is amazing and deserves to be with someone who appreciates him. Sooner or later, he’ll realize how much he needs you and declare you to be his girlfriend.

8. Better yourself.

Words are worthless. You can tell him all you want that his girlfriend isn’t good enough, but until you can prove to him that you are superior, he will eventually stop listening to you and go on. And what exactly am I trying to say? Don’t make him the center of your attention as you spend more time together.

Develop yourself, especially in the areas where he finds relationship dissatisfaction. Prove to her that you’re a superior catch with your behavior. A guy’s greatest pleasure in life is to win and to brag to his pals about how wonderful his girlfriend is. Give him a reason to brag to his buddies, and maybe they’ll all persuade him to break up with his girlfriend so he can be with you.

9. Incite his jealousy

You may want a relationship with someone, but just because you spend time with him does not make you a couple. He must be reminded that you have interests outside of him for whom you may sacrifice time. So, go out on dates, have male guests around, and spill the beans to him. Don’t settle down with one guy until you’ve seen how he reacts to you hanging out with multiple guys.

You know he’s seriously into you and possibly wants you all to himself if he displays jealousy or even anger about it. As strange as it may sound, if you can get him to fall in love with you, he’ll likely end things with his fiancée.

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