9 Best Ways to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Miss You

Has your recent breakup been particularly painful?

Do you wish there was a second shot at romance?

Perhaps you just want to exact some sort of vengeance upon this woman.

To that end, hopefully this manual will prove useful. There are 19 ingenious suggestions for making your ex-girlfriend rethink her decision to stop the relationship with you.

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Check out our extensive list of methods to make your ex-girlfriend regret the split, and you’re sure to find some ideas you can use.

To make your ex-girlfriend regret breaking up with you, try these 9 clever strategies.

Often, it’s assumed (particularly by women) that males are emotionless beings who can quickly move on from a painful breakup. Is it true that all men quickly get over the hurt of a breakup, despite the fact that many men appear to prefer the freedom of the single life to the commitment of a committed relationship with a single woman?

It’s fine to disconnect from society for a bit, even if you’re a naturally outgoing guy who loves to socialize.

You shouldn’t wallow in defeat for too long, though, because your ex might start to feel like she has the upper hand. Not at all like a contest in which the winner is the one who can make their ex-lover most regret ever breaking up with them. Think of it as a chance to make her feel better about herself and as a way to make her regret leaving behind the finest thing that’s ever happened to her.

Again, many people accept that women are allowed to be spiteful in an effort to make their ex-boyfriend feel bad about breaking up with them, but they look down on a male who engages in the same behavior. Is it appropriate for you to behave in a petty, feminine manner?

A possible rebuttal is that perhaps. To what extent should you focus on making your ex feel responsible for breaking up with you? If that’s what it takes to get you better, then sure.

Consider the following 19 strategies to make your ex-girlfriend regret abandoning you instead of listening to others who try to make you feel less of a man because of the mending procedure you select. These methods are more beneficial in the long run as you attempt to recover and move on with your life.

1. Don’t hold false fantasies about your ex-girlfriend.

If you want your ex-girlfriend to regret breaking up with you, you should start by dethroning her in your mind. You must now assume the role she once held as the single most pivotal figure in your life.

She no longer thinks of you as the amazing person you once were. Consequently, you must stand on your own two feet, free from her influence. Right now, you must take precedence in your own life. Put an end to your adoration of her and redirect that energy onto yourself.

2. You should stop calling her.

The first few months after a breakup are the most difficult since it takes a lot of self-control to avoid thinking about or reaching out to the person you still care about. It’s natural to temporarily lose sight of the fact that you’re no longer together during the first few weeks after a breakup. You’ll need answers to explain how something so wonderful could have ended so soon.

You won’t get the resolution you need until long after you’ve already moved on from the situation. Acting hastily on your search for answers when your emotions are still raw is to be avoided. You may wind up begging your ex to accept you back instead of trying to make her regret losing you. Unless absolutely necessary, you should refrain from calling her.

3. Ignore her SMS and don’t respond to her.

It’s possible that your ex-girlfriend has second thoughts about breaking up with you and may try to win you back. But if you feel like the bridge between you two has permanently burned, it’s best to stay far away from her. She will contact you through text messages and other messaging services.

She’ll make things up and put them online, tagging you in the process. Although it may be tempting, it is best to seem as though you are oblivious to your ex’s posts and communications. Though it may be difficult, especially if you still care about her, it is in your best interest to ignore her communications. Eventually, she’ll give up trying to win you back over and go her separate way.

4. Allow her to view your social media accounts.

Maintaining a robust internet presence is another strategy for convincing your ex to reconsider breaking up with you. To go out and share images on social media during this time can be challenging, especially if you are a genuine person who loved deeply for her. Nonetheless, it’s a great approach to demonstrate her you can thrive on your own.

Therefore, share photos of you having a good time with your pals, traveling, and generally living life to the fullest without a care in the world. Your ex-girlfriend will feel jealous or angry that she won’t be able to share in your everyday joys when you post happy status updates.

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5. Stay away from her at all costs

Keeping your distance from your ex-girlfriend is another strategy for making her regret breaking up with you. You should avoid seeing your ex-girlfriend if you still harbor strong feelings for her. Living in the same city or town as her may make it difficult to entirely avoid her, but you can reduce the number of times you see her. You were friends with her for a long, so you know where you may expect to see her again.

If the thought of shopping in the same aisle as her makes you queasy during those first few weeks, you may always enlist the aid of friends and relatives to do your grocery shopping for you. Don’t bother trying to visit her if you know you won’t be able to control yourself and stop begging her to take you back.

6. Make an appearance at her favorite hangouts

You can start to show up at your ex’s hangouts if you feel like you’ve got your feelings under control and are finally moving on. Be strategic about where you go and why if you want to get the most out of your techniques. Perhaps she is avoiding you as well if she is employing similar post-breakup tactics.

Therefore, you should try to get as close to her face as possible. Demonstrate to her that you can thrive in her absence. Don’t pretend how you’re feeling or what you’re doing. Instead, behave like yourself ordinarily, so she won’t suspect any bluster on your behalf.

7. Reconnect with previous associates

You probably had to restrict your social life and time spent with loved ones when you were together. When you’re in a committed relationship, your spouse should come before anybody else, even your closest friends. You might think about getting back in touch with old acquaintances now that you’re single again.

If you spend time with individuals who already know you, you may take your mind off of your ex-girlfriend and concentrate instead on making new, happy memories with them. When she learns of your recent acts, you’ll make her feel regret without actively doing anything wrong.

8. Put yourself out there and meet new people.

You won’t just succeed by rekindling existing friendships, but by also making some brand new ones. It might be challenging to get back in touch with old pals, especially if you severed ties because of a breakup. It could be painful to reconnect with those acquaintances who constantly remind you of your failures as a partner to your former.

As a result, you should go out of your way to meet some new people. Life is too short to harbor resentment, and you shouldn’t give your ex the satisfaction of spoiling any future friendship potential. She’ll feel bad about abandoning you when she sees you mingling with other people.

9. Explore fresh experiences

You need to go to different gatherings if you want to expand your social circle. You can meet new individuals by participating in events, activities, or hangouts that facilitate such interactions. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favor, and your ex will be jealous of you for it.

You’ll gain knowledge, develop meaningful relationships, and ultimately overcome your pain. Make sure the activities you choose will have a significant effect on your life, whether it be professionally, personally, or financially. Do you feel better and are you enjoying life to the fullest? You’re more than likely heading in the correct direction if you’re doing both.

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