8 Real Reason Why Guys Ghost and Then Come Back

Why do you think guys disappear and then resurface in your life?

You might be debating whether or not it’s worthwhile to invest in these individuals.

Perhaps the guys have an honest excuse for their behavior, and you should give them another chance. Maybe he’s just a bad player who doesn’t deserve your time.

This manual is here to assist you figure out which it is.

You might need some assistance, though, to accomplish this. Because of this, I think you’ll find this online tracking tool useful.

This app can snoop on his messages and show you who he’s talking to behind your back while ghosting you. Plus, you’ll be able to view the apps and websites he’s using, as well as any new contact information he may have added.

He won’t know he’s being followed, and you’ll have all the data you need to determine whether or not he’s a bad guy without drawing any unwarranted attention to yourself.

Thus, let’s investigate the most common explanations for why a man might act in such a way…

How to Decode Why Men Ghost and Then Return

In general, men are baffling. They adore you one moment and ignore your texts the next. While a result, we wind ourselves talking to our pals on the phone for long periods of time as we try to decode their actions. However, keep in mind that men rarely act irrationally.

There are a variety of causes for a guy to disappear for a while and then reappear. They make a lot more sense once you find out the reasoning behind their actions. Pay close attention to his other actions to figure out which explanation works best for you.

1. The ghoster has real regrets.

In some cases, men’s psyches might be corroded by ghosting. Especially if he already knows what a fantastic person you are.

Guilt-ridden males may say things like “you didn’t deserve that” to try and make you feel better. It’s possible that they’ll express regret. Next, they’ll offer an excuse for their behavior. Remember that the fact that he feels horrible for you is a sign of him liking you.

2. You made him feel all warm and cozy inside.

Definitely a positive development. You want your crush to feel those fluttery feelings of excitement and anticipation. But it may cause fear in him. Yes, you are correct in saying that. When he experiences emotion, he ends up frightens himself.

Guys who ghost for this reason usually just need some space to figure out how they feel. He needs some time to cool down before he can text you back. Do not invade his personal space.

3. He’s quite enthusiastic about it.

Men who want more than one night with you may back off a bit. In this way, he may assess whether or not he still wants to pursue a romantic connection with you. If that’s the case, he’ll probably give you an excuse like being busy. Keep your cool once he explains that he has to go for a few days. After giving it some serious consideration, he has decided that his feelings for you have not changed.

4. They are looking for a girlfriend all of a sudden.

He stopped responding to you and eventually “ghosted” you. His sudden reappearance was motivated by his desire to find a girlfriend. Perhaps the time of year has come for cuffing season, or the season of cuddling. Maybe he’s going through a rough patch and needs someone to lean on for support.

You should really think about giving this guy a second chance, no matter what his excuse is. There needs to be a compelling argument for his return. Unfortunately, he’s already ghosted you without warning or explanation. That should tell you everything you need to know about his feelings for you, and you should probably cut ties with the individual who ghosted you.

5. They consider themselves to be the center of the universe.

There are a variety of things you might expect to see from this ghost before it vanishes for ever. In every circumstance, he will put his pride first. He’s a little egocentric and loves hearing praise. The egocentric vibes he gives off are the most noticeable. This is because he sincerely considers himself to be God’s gift to humanity. His lack of effort is also significant.

This specter doesn’t care much about a do-over. But that’s not why customers keep coming back. Instead, the goal is to test their capabilities. The act of responding to them boosts their self-esteem. That individual isn’t necessary in your life, either. They’re not a good human being.

6. He is seeing someone else (but isn’t going to tell you about it).

If you’re looking for a serious relationship, it’s possible to locate ten eligible people in under an hour using an online dating service. As a consequence, most individuals are now chill, and it’s not uncommon for one person to have multiple significant others at once. It’s safe to presume that neither of you is exclusive with the other until you’ve had the conversation about it.

It’s possible he’s afraid to tell you if he’s seeing someone else because he’s not sure if he’s more or less interested in you. He would rather not have you question his motives for seeing someone else. He despises being plagued by regret after shattering another person’s heart. These problems could still occur, but if he ghosts you, he won’t have to deal with them.

7. He has a lot to do.

This is something I can identify with, and I’ve even dated men in the past who have also done so. The life I’m living right now, with my kids and my profession, is incredible. Not having to contact someone every day is a relief. Because I am less talkative than most people, I sometimes give the impression that I have abandoned my friends and family.

If a man is extremely busy, he will likely tell you so. Talking about how you two will communicate is crucial if you two are going to continue being romantically involved. Tell him you’d like to hear from him every day, if not more frequently. If you want a relationship to succeed, it is crucial that you and your potential partner have similar values and goals.

8. Just plain boredom

It’s not uncommon for a bored man to ghost you. He stops communicating with you because he’s lost interest. It’s true that some men get bored more easily than others. These are the men that will simply disappear without explanation, moving on to another woman only to repeat the process with her. Same old, same old keeps happening over and over again. You may chalk this man up to the category of players that don’t think twice about ghosting.

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He will return for the same reason he ghosted you in the first place. Either he’s exhausted his options with women or he’s grown tired of the one he’s with. He ghosts the other girl and calls you instead, since he doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Before he ghosts her, he’ll probably give you a call to make sure he can return. Don’t pay any attention to him. You should not settle for someone who haunts others.

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