40-year-old Oregon man arrested for allegedly kidnapping, sexually abusing 13-year-old Canadian girl

Following the disappearance of a Canadian teen last month, a 40-year-old Oregon man has been arrested for allegedly luring the 13-year-old girl from her home in Edmonton to Oregon.

According to the Daily Mail, the teen was discovered in an OregonCity hotel room on Saturday, nearly 1,000 miles from her Alberta home.

The FBI and Oregon police officers arrested 40-year-old Noah Madrano at the hotel room in connection with the girl’s disappearance on June 24. Madrano was reportedly in the hotel room with the girl when he was arrested.

According to The Oregonian, Madrano has been charged with first-degree sexual abuse, second-degree kidnapping and second-degree rape, and is being held at Clackamas County jail on a $500,000 bail.

In defense of Madrano’s bail price, prosecutors said in Tuesday’s bail hearing that the defendant “targeted” the team girl in Canada “over the course of a year,” traveled to Canada to kidnap the girl, and noted that there are allegations “that he made threats to kill her and have sex with her dead corpse.”

Madrano appears virtually in court on Tuesday

Madrano will also face charges in Canada, with Edmonton police saying that he will face the charge of child luring, as well as other charges.

In a social media post by the teen’s father, she disappeared on the morning of June 24 while leaving for school. According to The Oregonian, school security camera footage showed her turning a corner near the school, and disappearing from view.

She was found eight days later after a multinational search conducted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the FBI, US and Canadian border agencies, as well as local police, aided by tips left by the concerned public.

According to the Daily Mail, cops were led to the suspect after Abbotsford, BC police obtained CCTV footage on July 1 at the request of Edmonton police, which showed the girl at a fast food restaurant near the Sumas border crossing into Washington state.

When officers arrived though, both the girl and the suspect were already gone. Police were able to receive credible tips about the suspect’s identity, whereabouts, and vehicle type.

Police say that the two met through social media, where Madrano persuaded the girl to meet with him in person. Madrano reportedly traveled to Edmonton just days before the girl’s disappearance, and spent at least three days in British Columbia.

After the teen was discovered, she was taken to a local hospital children’s for evaluation, and has since returned home with her parents to Edmonton.

Madrano works as a producer and co-host at the local Portland radio station KBOO-FM.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Madrano works on the show “Sub-Human Intellect Theater,” which he describes as a “monthly comedy/variety/performance art program,” and one of “several rotating radio theater programs which air on Monday nights on KBOO-FM.”

Madrano plans segments and performances, book guests, mix audio, amongst other duties for the show.

According to the Daily Mail, the most recent episode of the radio show, which has since been deleted, reportedly featured a segment in which Madrano pretended to have phone sex with a teenage girl. This segment has led many to believe that the voice heard in the recording may have belonged to the teenage victim.

In response to Madrano’s address, KBOO released a statement to Twitter saying that they are fully cooperating with law enforcement officials as they conduct their investigation.

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