4 injured as NYPD engages in gunfight with armed group at house party

A gunfight broke out at a house party in Queens on August 5 between police, partiers, and a group of gunmen who arrived and started blasting randomly into the festivities.

The New York Post reports that plain-clothes officers in unmarked vehicles saw a group of men arrive at the party and then start brandishing firearms and threatening the attendees. Soon after the partiers pulled out their weapons and the crossfire began, causing the police to join in the fray and return fire in a fracas that left 4 people injured and four others arrested.

The shooting takes place as Eric Adams has cited the “epidemic of guns” as the cause for the rising and historic crime that is plaguing NYC.

The barrage of bullets started around 11:35 pm in the Springfield Gardens area of Queens, New York.

An NYPD spokesman said “there are a lot of moving pieces,” and that authorities were still figuring out if the suspects were wounded by police or some other entity at the party. The event itself, with about 100 attendees, was being monitored ahead of time by police for fear of “local street crews” coming around with a “potential for violence.”

Charges are pending for those in custody and none of the injuries were life threatening to the males who were shot whose ages are 16, 17, 18, and 24.

The Post reports that, “two of the suspected shooters who opened fire on the party were out on charges in other cases, including a robbery and a gun case.”

Head of the Detectives Endowment Association, Paul DiGiacomo, said, “Make no mistake, the lives of detectives are in grave danger when they go to work in this city. The politicians, prosecutors, and judges who are releasing violent people back to the streets combined with failed laws like ‘raise the age’ are endangering the very detectives who arrest these recidivists – and the New Yorkers they courageously serve.”

Police recovered three firearms from the scene and no cops were injured.

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