2 dead after Detroit man with ‘military background’ shot dozens of rounds into neighbors home after parking dispute: police

Detroit police provided an update to the public on Monday after a mass shooting took place that involved a suspect with a military background who shot dozens of rounds from his home into a neighbor’s house.

The neighbor, police say, was having people over at his house for his birthday. Shots were fired after a parking dispute, allegedly.

Detroit Police Chief James White said that the shooting took place at 2:30 am on Sunday, when the suspect shot multiple rounds from the first and second floors of his house into the house across the street.

The suspect shot at the party while it was still going. The suspect apparently was upset that an SUV belonging to one of the partygoers was blocking his driveway, police say.

The man then allegedly “took matters into his own hands,” and “[shot] up the home,” said White, reports Fox News.

Two people were killed in the shooting and six others were injured. The deceased were a 39-year-old woman and a 38-year-old man. The victims are all in their 30s besides one who is 19. Two victims died after attempting to self-transport to the hospital, but they crashed their vehicle.

The suspect had “strategically placed military weapons throughout his home in case he was engaged.” Officers located the man in his home and he gave himself up to police. 11 weapons were recovered in the home.

Police say they entered the suspect’s home legally after they had received information that shots were being fired.

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