14 Tips for Texting the Person You Have a Crush On After Getting their Number

Can’t seem to text individuals you like?

Do you frequently have wonderful in-person exchanges, only to have the other party disappear as you start texting?

You have company. This is a widespread issue because most men and women lack the skills necessary to communicate effectively via text.

That’s why I felt compelled to compile this list of suggested messages for when you finally do acquire their number.

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After exchanging numbers, here are some suggestions for appropriate text messages to send to a potential romantic interest.

After Obtaining Their Number, Text These 14 Things

Bravo, you went against the norm and succeeded in getting your crush’s contact information. Finally, the challenging part: sending them a text, especially the first sentence.

What else are you meant to say? It’s more your speed to disregard embarrassing and needy messages from males.

You need not be ashamed. You still make up a minority of women (just 13% of women have ever tried asking men out). Also, once you get the hang of a few basic concepts, coming up with text message ideas for a guy is a breeze.

As soon as you do, you’ll be able to make excellent introductions that keep his attention for the long haul.

Here I will go over these guidelines and provide some sample texts that can be sent or modified to help you set up that date.

Writing the Initiating Message

If you want to maintain social decorum and keep the discussion going, there are several guidelines you should follow for the initial text. Guaranteeing a response and setting up a future meeting with only one text is a win-win situation.

1) Make a connection

The primary goal of this introductory message is to pique their interest and hold their attention. That’s why your link is such a valuable asset. It’s a shared experience you and your partner will never forget.

Text that is crafted to evoke that specific recollection strengthens your brand in the reader’s mind. You could text them something like, “At least on here, I don’t have to burn you with coffee to start a discussion,” if you and the person you were talking to had met because of a coffee spill.

2. Avoid being insensitive.

The stereotype of men as horndogs may lead you to believe that being extremely sexual right from the start is the best approach to attract male attention. However, it is inappropriate and maybe sexually harassing to send a revealing photo in the initial text message.

Furthermore, it reveals a need to feel accepted. And even if you do, it’s probably only going to be sexual, which could hinder your chances of getting into a relationship.

Is there a sense that you’re taken for granted by him?
A common gripe we hear from readers is that their boyfriends or husbands don’t make them a priority. They never seem to be able to make time for you like they used to because they always have an excuse.

Take this free questionnaire to find out whether he likes you, and we’ll tell you if you should pursue a relationship with this guy.

3. Keep it brief

When you’re writing your first message, keep it brief. The fact that you prefer to text in lengthy paragraphs is irrelevant. The more concise the text, the greater its ability to capture the reader’s attention.

Don’t overcomplicate things, either. They need only skim the text to understand what it means. Specifically, I’m thinking of spelling and grammar.

4. Avoid being overly stuffy and formal

Simple greetings like “Hi” or “Hey, this is [your name]” can be all that’s needed to break the ice in certain situations. Though monotonous, they suffice. However, these times typically occur several minutes or hours after the initial data collection.

After a while, they will require a more personable message to pique their interest.

And the same holds true for properly constructed sentences. Put off using them unless you’re talking to your supervisor or parents. Don’t get too serious, and remember to keep things light and easygoing.

After Obtaining Someone’s Number, What Should You Immediately Text?
Even though many people still adhere to the three-day rule, it’s become trendy to start messaging a new contact as soon as you obtain their number. If you’re meeting for the first time in person, this is also the greatest time to send the first text because it takes so little effort.

There’s a narrow band of time where accepting the facts at face value is the sensible thing to do. There’s no pressure to get the guy’s attention or meet any prerequisites. Simple text works properly in this window.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use texting to make a positive impression in this situation. After acquiring someone’s number, you may be wondering what you should SMS them.

5. “Hey, it’s great to meet you”

This kind of boring, plain text is a cute little approach to kick off the SMS chain. Gaining their contact information shows that you’re interested in them. Therefore, there is no need to repeat the text message exchange so quickly.

It’s also a low-stakes technique to figure out if they’re actually into you or just being polite when they give you their number. If they give you a positive response, it’s safe to move further.

6. “It’s that sexy chick from today. Save this in your contacts”

This one works best when you’re not more than a few yards away from each other. Was that arrogant of me to think? And yet, I think he’d be interested in reading anything like this. It’s weird, and if you have the correct sense of humor, it can be hilarious.

Plus, if he uses the phrase, “the sexy chick you met today,” he will be forced to recall your interaction with him once again. It will brighten his day and cement your place in his memory.

7. Try Replying a bit fast.

Sending an amusing first message after receiving someone’s number is a shortcut. Apologizing for breaking the texting rule is a lighthearted approach to get to know someone without having to put too much thought into it.

You will probably at least get a few amusing texts out of him. It’s also a fun technique to keep the conversation in your own hands and ride out the first high of asking him out.

8. “I’ve got your number now” – Having a Nice Humor 

You’re showing off your sense of humor and even giving a wink to your inner nerd in this text. If you and your partner are both nerds, it’s an ideal match. They can hop on your train of thought and strike up a conversation with you on something you both find interesting.

These kinds of texts are excellent conversation starters since they put the other person at ease right away.

People are more likely to respond in a welcoming environment where they can express themselves honestly.

9. “How would you like me to save your contact info?”

Although it’s not common knowledge, girls can also put themselves in the friend zone by texting inappropriate things. Flirting right away indicates, “I may seem friendly, but I’m ready to get down,” which is a great way to avoid this fate right from the start.

Furthermore, if you ask him questions, you can be sure that he will answer them, and the conversation will flow easily. If you want to give your message a little more zip, double-text some humorous or sexual suggestions.

10. “[joke-related meme]”

You are not restricted to verbal expression. Now more than ever, GIFs and memes are valid forms of online expression.

Did something amusing occur at last night’s get-together? Is there a joke that only the two of you will get about the time you first met? Wrap it up in a meme and send it along, captioned or uncaptioned.

He’s bound to give you a nice chuckle, as anecdotes are the best source of humor.

11. Let the flirtatious texting begin!

Offensive comments are out, but this statement is sure to get their creative juices flowing. It will get them dreaming about a future with you, which will make you their top priority right now.

You’ll get a chuckle out of them and establish ground rules for how dates will go.

Send a Text Message like this If You Obtained Their Number In Person

To a large extent, the means by which one acquires a contact’s number determines the nature of the first text message sent to them. These countless permutations can be broken down into two broad classes: in person and online.

When you’re face to face, it’s much easier to decipher that first message. We can mine a wealth of textual content from the shared experience.

However, face-to-face meetings aren’t always riveting, so it’s helpful to prepare something more engaging. It doesn’t matter if it’s been a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks since you got their number; this still

12. When I first laid eyes on you, I thought…

The media is spot-on when it comes to one thing: the effectiveness of clickbait. You can be sure of a response if you tease them with a message designed to elicit one. They must because of natural human curiosity.

What I really like about this paragraph, or a variant of it, is that there are at least two follow-up lines; it’s a terrific way to ease into the conversation.

13. I had the best chance encounter of the week last night.”

This type of text expresses satisfaction with the conversation that resulted in exchanging contact information. It’s funny as an icebreaker and lovely in a flirtatious way. The message lays the groundwork for the rest of the talk by letting him know that you have feelings for him.

It need not even be a dramatic event. You can also convey the same meaning by texting something along the lines of what you hope to accomplish at your next meeting.

14. “I just got around to watching [program they suggested]”

Forcing them to wonder where you got their number is a good tactic whenever some time has passed since you first obtained it. It could be anything from a suggested TV series or movie to a tried and true recipe.

In this case, they will like you more since you have validated their viewpoint. They will feel more emotionally linked to you if you can talk about it passionately for a relatively long amount of time.

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