10-year-old who sought abortion in Indiana still lives in abusive home where mom defends rapist over daughter

The 10-year old Columbus, Ohio girl who was allegedly raped by illegal immigrant Gerson Fuentes has not yet been removed from the abusive household within which she was subjected to multiple assaults by her mother’s paramour.

Townhall‘s Mia Cathell has unearthed many details about the environment the little girl is in and more information about the mother, who has taken rapist Fuentes’ side over her own daughter’s.

After Fuentes’ arrest the then anonymous mother of the 10-year-old rape victim told Telemundo’s Maria Vargas Pion that the child “is fine” and “everything they say about (Gerson Flores) is a lie.” The mother went on to declare that “of course” Fuentes was innocent and that she was standing by his side.

Telemundo also interviewed a neighbor, Deisy Torres, who confirmed that the mother was in a domestic relationship with Fuentes and said, “He’s (Fuentes) her partner. And he is the father of the child she is carrying in her womb right now.”

According to Townhall, the site has identified the mother as 33-year-old Lourdes “Lulu” Gomez. Before Gomez made all of her social media private or deleted altogether many of her posts and media reflected that she was in a relationship with Fuentes. Townhall has pursued the reason as to why Gomez has defended Fuentes and under a 2019 ticketing violation that belies the possibility Lulu Gomez is also an illegal immigrant.

Neighbor Torres posted the interview she did on her TikTok and confirmed Gomez still has her children with her, but that many in the community are contacting child protection services.

Townhall followed up with multiple law enforcement agencies as to whether Gomez will face any kind of charges along with when and if the child will be removed from the environment, to no avail on all inquiries. “ICE has no further information to provide,” said ICE Midwest deputy press secretary Erin Bultje.

“Out of compassion for the victims, the Columbus Division of Police will not comment on any rapes or sexual assaults of juveniles,” said Columbus Police public information officer Andrés Antequera.

“We do not comment about matters under active prosecution or internal review,” said Franklin County prosecuting attorney Janet Grubb.

Illegal immigrant Gerson Fuentes was arrested on July 12 for the rape of a 10-year old girl in Columbus, Ohio. The girl became pregnant and travelled to Indiana for an abortion.

That act set in a motion a series of events that led to the Indianapolis Star publishing a story about an anonymous 10-year old rape victim who had to cross state lines for an abortion following Roe v. Wade.

That politicized tale caught international attention and was at the receiving end of some scrutiny because there was no accompanying evidence of the crime aside from one single source abortion doctor.

Critics, including Ohio’s Attorney General, noted that in Ohio it’s law that medical services providers report abuse of a child.

According to Columbus Detective Jeffrey Huhn, police were eventually made aware of the young girl’s pregnancy through referral by Franklin County Children Services. Gershon Fuentes, who lived in Columbus’ Northwest Side, was then arrested and confessed to raping the child on at least two occasions.

Fuentes faces a charge of felony first degree rape of a child under 13 and his bail was set at $2 million as he’s considered a flight risk according to Franklin County Municipal Court Judge Cynthia Ebner. DNA from the clinic in Indianapolis is being tested against samples from Fuentes, as well as the child’s siblings, to determine if he was in fact the rapist.

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