10 Sure Ways To Go Down On A Girl

When executed properly, oral sex may be quite satisfying for both you and your partner. Studying her anatomy and potential arousal triggers is a fantastic first step, but there’s more to it than that.

It’s crucial that you pay close attention to details at this stage. Listen carefully to her responses, not just words and solicit her thoughts. That way, you may adapt your efforts and zero down on specific areas as needed.

This is the article for you if you are just starting off or if you want to sharpen your abilities. Examine these few helpful hints to raise your level of play.

What You Need To Know To Get The Girl

1. Show your excitement

Nothing is worth your time if you aren’t giving it your all, so make an effort to express yourself openly and enthusiastically. The oral sex with a woman is the best kind.

For decades, women have had to deal with all kinds of body shame from men, other women, and even themselves. As expected, most females have a strong aversion to the idea of being consumed whole. When you’ve been told your body has a million flaws, it’s difficult to have someone else’s nose in your business.
They are already insecure, therefore your obvious interest in them will do wonders for their ego. It’s a good place to start if you want to get the conversation going by expressing your sexual interest in her. Then prove it to her through physical contact: kiss, lock lips, and inhale her scent. Having you around will make her feel at ease.

2. Get some perspective.

Instead of being arrogant and assuming what makes her happy, ask her outright and pay attention to her body language. It’s a common misconception that all women have the same preferences when it comes to oral sex. Depending on her individual anatomy, some women may be more tender genitally than others.

You shouldn’t assume that your new spouse shares the preferences of your previous one just because you know that they were satisfied by the way things were done. Experiment with varied intensities of pressure and velocity. Possibly employ more than just your tongue. Using your lips or another part of your mouth to apply different textures to her easily stimulated areas is a great idea. A beginner’s mentality is the best mind to keep. To achieve this, you must be open to hearing her out.

3. Make sure to get her opinions.

The prior point is related in that you can’t figure out what she likes unless she tells you. Stop for a moment and ask her what she enjoys if you want to prevent assumptions.

The key is to embrace one’s sexuality and one’s own skin. Once you’re comfortable talking openly with her about your wants and needs, she’ll have no trouble giving you honest feedback.

A good place to begin is by asking about her fantasies; this will offer you both something to work with and a sense of her sexual preferences. Avoid sounding too technical, as that could put people off. Instead, work it in casually while watching a movie or cuddling up. The most productive time to question her is when she’s at ease. Don’t just blurt forth sexually suggestive plans that she’ll likely reject without first establishing consent. If you want to know, just ask her.

4. You might be surprised how far a joke or two can go you.

Women are physically and sexually different from men, which is common knowledge at this point. Women require more of a buildup before they can get turned on, in contrast to men who can feel horny practically instantly. While we can’t speak for all women, many have expressed a desire for a setup or prologue before to the main event. When a woman says this, our thoughts frequently immediately shift to foreplay.

Foreplay is more than just kissing, yet it can be thought of as an umbrella term. For a variation, you could try teasing her. Try licking or kissing nearby places, such her inner thighs, or using delayed gratification tactics instead of going down there and striving to make her climax.

5. The focus should be on her clitoris.

Several women can’t initiate an orgasm without first experiencing clitoral stimulation. Because of their varied anatomical requirements, some have even reported to having never experienced an orgasm during penetrative sex. Some women enjoy having their clitoris touched, while others find it too upsetting and would rather have you focus on her labia instead. Side stimulation is more appealing to them.

If you don’t want to be rude and ask her outright, you can always lick the area around her clitoris and watch her reaction. Try moving your tongue to the tip and circling it if she doesn’t appear to like it.

Paying greater attention to the parts she like will be simpler if you have a sense of what she values most. Try out a variety of pen strokes, rhythms, and pressures.

6. The use of one’s hands is highly recommended.

In the absence of any hard and fast laws to the contrary, using one’s hands during oral sex is perfectly acceptable. The first few times you try anything, you might simply use your tongue, but as you gain experience, you might find yourself reaching for your hand instead.

While clitoral stimulation is the norm for female orgasm, many women prefer the sensation of being penetrated as well. If you have deft fingers, this will be a breeze. First, settle into a relaxed state of concentration. You can start by sticking just one finger inside of her, and if that isn’t enough, you can always add another.

To keep things exciting, you shouldn’t always use the same stroke pattern, just like in regular sex. Stimulating her g-spot by curling your fingers inside of her in a hook form is also highly regarded. You can even include sex toys if she is interested.

7. Don’t Put unnecessary stress on yourself

First-timers often make the mistake of trying to do too much all at once. Particularly in the early stages of a romantic partnership, males may place undue pressure on themselves to induce an orgasmic response from their sexual partner.

If this is your first time doing something together or you’re still getting your bearings, it’s best to take it easy on yourself and your new partner. Don’t try to impress her too much just yet; instead, see if you can get a sense of her preferences. For the best results during oral sex, it’s important to be consistent. So, keep her happiness and comfort in mind and try to enjoy yourself as much as possible. If none of you is interested, there’s no use in proceeding.

8. Share your thoughts with her as well.

Not every woman will benefit from this, but trying it out is a smart move. Some ladies enjoy it when their man talks to them while he is putting the smack down on them. As was previously noted, many women may be uncomfortable with oral sex due to years of being shamed for the way they look. In this regard, reassuring her would be very appreciated.

If she is self-conscious about her smell or her discharge, reassuring her that you enjoy her taste and scent can help. This is why, before becoming physical, you should brush up on your knowledge of the female form.

Recognize that the way she smells can shift based on her mood, her health, and other factors. If you and your partner are well-informed, your sexual experience may be enhanced.

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9. It feels like a make-out session

Even though porn videos could lead you to believe otherwise, extra speed and pressure aren’t what make for satisfying oral sex. Many guys overlook some easy ways to increase their pleasure. The clitoris isn’t the only delicate area of her genitalia; the vaginal folds and the labia are also vulnerable. Her reaction will tell you whether or not she enjoys fast action or intense pressure.

Keep in mind, though, that some women, especially with a new partner, can fake pleasure. If she sees that you’re struggling to understand something, she’ll do something to assist you. There is one strategy you could employ to learn the truth from her. If she’s feeling anxious, you should focus on putting her at ease first, and then you might suggest she pull your hair when it feels wonderful.

Therefore, begin slowly and steadily, as this is the sweet spot for the sexual satisfaction of the vast majority of women. Practice making a variety of tongue movements. As an alternative, you can hurry things up if she signals for increased pressure and intensity.

10. Create a sense of suspense.

It’s natural to want to get right to the meat of the action when you’re feeling really aroused. It’s OK if she shares your impatience, but that’s usually not the case with cunnilingus. Some form of climax is required. Try to take it easy for a while; it will pay off.

Get things heated up a bit before diving headfirst into the action. A good amount of flirting, teasing, stroking, and wordplay is required. In this way, excitement and enjoyment are amplified. It’s best to work your way down to the tongue with kisses and licks first. Get her ready for something before it happens.

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